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Laws, Rules and Policies


Facility Permit application and verification


Senate Bill 387, which requires certain facilities to obtain a facility permit, was signed by Governor John Kitzhaber on June 13, 2013 and became effective January 1, 2014.
For Facility Permit Verification, Please Click the following link. Facility Permit Verification Search

Board Policies, Statements and Guidelines

The following are Board Policies, Statements and Guidelines:   



Proposed Rules Changes, Effective January 1, 2019

Notice of Proposed Rules Hearing​ and Fiscal Impact Statement

OAR 334-001-0060 Definition: Clarify the definition of certified class or program.
OAR 334-001-0012 Budget: Establish budget for 2017-2019 Biennium.
OAR 334-010-0005 Application: Clarify Facility Permit application; Require applicants to notify the board within 10 days of any changes to information submitted on their initial application for licensure.
OAR 334-010-0006 Facility Permits: Clarifies denial of Facility Permit application and use of Facility Permit.
OAR 334-010-0015 Licensure: Specifies the type of CPR certification required.
OAR 334-010-0017 Lapsed License: Specifies the type of CPR certification required; Requires that licensees, whose license has been lapsed for more than three years, meet current initial licensure requirements prior to reactivation of the license.
OAR 334-010-0025 Practice of Massage: Requires LMTs to post their current license.
OAR 334-010-0033 Fees: Clarifies Facility Permit fees.
OAR 334-020-0005 Facilities and Sanitation: Clarifies Facility Permit requirements.
OAR 334-040-0010 Discipline: Clarifies the description of Fitness to Practice and the discipline associated with the failure to practice safely.


Oregon Revised Statues and Oregon Administrative Rules (Printable).

Oregon Revised Statutes 2015 

Oregon Administrative Rules Effective January 1, 2019
Current Continuing Education Rules 
this publication was created for your convenience. This publication reflects the statutes and rules in effect as of the dates published on the cover. It is every licensee’s responsibility to be aware of the current laws and rules of their profession.
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