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Protecting Your Rights
Make sure your income tax returns are correctly completed and protect your own rights. Here are some simple rules to follow:
  1. If you pay an individual to prepare your Oregon and/or your federal income tax return, that person must:
    • Have a current license from either the Oregon State Board of Tax Practitioners or the Oregon State Board of Accountancy
    • Sign both your state and federal tax returns and include their practitioner license number
    • Give you a completed copy of each of your state and federal tax returns
    • Return all supporting documentation (such as W-2s) to you
  2. Never sign a blank tax return. Always have the tax practitioner fully complete the tax return before you sign. Check the tax return carefully before signing.
  3. Do not allow your tax refund check to be mailed anywhere but to your own address or that of friend or relative you trust. Your refund check should never be mailed to the practitioner who prepared your tax return.
  4. Do not pay a percentage of your expected total tax refund to the practitioner who prepared your tax return. The fee you are asked to pay should be a fixed amount.
  5. Remember, being a Notary Public does not mean the person is a licensed tax professional or a lawyer.
  6. Oregon requires that all licensed practitioners post their license in public view. Always look for the practitioner's current license. The license will indicate the name of the practitioner and the expiration date of their license.
  7. A tax business is required to post their registration in public view. Always look for the business registration posted in the place of business. The business registration will indicate the name and address of the business and the business registration number.
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