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Food Security and Farmworker Safety Project

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Distribution of critical PPE for the agriculture sector

Governor Kate Brown has directed approximately 1 million KN95 masks and 5,000 gallons of hand sanitizer for farmworkers and agricultural producers. This critical PPE is available at no cost to the agricultural community to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Distribution will take place throughout the state on Wednesday, May 27 and Thursday, May 28. 

State and federal information

The situation around COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease) in Oregon continues to evolve. Governor Kate Brown has a webpage capturing statewide and federal recommendations and updates. Other excellent sources for information are also listed below:

General questions can also be answered by calling 2-1-1 for assistance. Anyone experiencing symptoms is strongly urged to contact their medical provider.

Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) operations

We are prioritizing ODA resources and continuing with our critical functions. Please be aware that responses may require additional time. 

Pursuant to Executive Order 20-12 all ODA buildings will be closed to the public and public services will be provided by phone or online during regular business hours. When public services require in-person interactions an appointment must be made and social distancing measures must be implemented and enforced to the maximum extent possible. For more information or to request an appointment, please contact the appropriate program.​

Review the information below for additional changes in our operations. 

Please make an appointment to drop off samples by contacting the lab at 503-986-4686. We will have a staff member meet you at the door to receive your sample. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If staffing shortages occur, it could result in extended turn-around times for tests and communication responses. Priority will be given to disease outbreaks, foreign animal disease investigations, regulatory and public health testing, and testing for animal movement. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Animal Health Lab if you have any questions. Email: ahid-lab@oda.state.or.us or Phone: 503-986-4686 

Please call our Cashier’s Office at 503-986-4592 to make an appointment.​
Critical inspections will continue, however some routine inspections have been postponed. 

Agricultural Water Quality

  • Outdoor ag water quality inspections will continue when staff can maintain social distancing.
  • Contact: 503-986-4700 ​or nrd-expert@oda.state.or.us​

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)

Food Safety

  • Inspections will focus on high-risk firms.
  • Domestic kitchens will not be inspected.
  • FDA contract inspections are on hold.
  • Dairy sampling, seals, and inspections will continue as usual.
  • Initial approval inspections may still be conducted as necessary.
  • All inspections will be scheduled.​
  • Contact: 503-986-4720 or foodsafety@oda.state.or.us

Market Access & Certification

  • ​All inspections are being performed, except for the Produce Safety Program (see below).

Nursery & Christmas Tree

  • Routine inspections are continuing when staff can maintain social distancing. 
  • Plant material can be certified for shipment upon request.
  • Contact: 503-986-4644 or nursery@oda.state.or.us​

Pesticides & Fertilizers

  • Routine inspections have been postponed.
  • All complaint-driven investigations are still occurring and ODA staff are following social distancing guidelines​.
  • Contact: 503-986-4635 or pestx@oda.state.or.us

Produce Safety Program

Weights & Measures

  • Grocery store inspections are postponed. 
  • Home inspections are postponed.​
  • Other inspections will continue when staff can maintain social distancing.
  • Inspectors will call ahead prior to an inspection.
  • Contact: 503-986-4670​ or owm@oda.state.or.us​​

​Please submit your licensing and renewal applications and payments as usual. Reminders will go out on our regular schedule. 

Hemp Program

  • ​Applications for registration can still be submitted, however processing may be slower than normal. 

Pesticide Licensing Testing Centers


In-person meetings will only occur for small groups when social distancing of six feet between people can be maintained. However, when at all possible, public meetings will be moved to a conference call or GoToMeeting. Some meetings may be canceled. Please reach out to the appropriate program​ for more information on meeting changes.


Below we have compiled information from various sources for your reference to help support your business and to protect yourself, employees, and consumers.​ ​

​​​​Auction Yards

  • It is ODA’s understanding that auction sales fall into the exempt business and services category outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order 20-07​. All businesses are encouraged to implement social distancing protocols detailed in the EO, consistent with guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.​

Food Donations & Sales

From the Oregon State Police


Farmers Markets

  • Farmers Markets are allowed to continue to operate providing the market and vendors establish, implement and enforce social distancing policies as outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order 20-12​​. ​​
  • Both the individual booth vendor and the farmer market are responsible to establish, implement and enforce social distancing policies. 
  • Vendors are encouraged to implement a "pick-up" or "curb side" delivery service model. Vendors who offer massages, facials, or wellness services that cannot adhere to the social distancing guidelines cannot operate.
  • See the Oregon Farmers Markets Association guidance for markets and vendors​
  • Food carts may continue to provide take out orders, no onsite consumption of food is permitted.​

U-Pick Farms


There is currently no indication that the virus can be transmitted through food.

Per the Governor's Executive Order 20-07 (also Executive Order 20-12, item #3​)
  • All food establishments that offer food or drink are prohibited from offering or allowing on-premises consumption of food or drink.
  • Read additional guidance from ODA.

Hand Sanitizers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Retail Food Establishments & Food Processors





Hours of operation

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm​


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