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The Cooperative National Brucellosis Control Program currently uses a number of tests in the serological diagnosis of brucellosis. Some tests, such as the Buffered Acidified Plate Antigen (BAPA) test, and the card test, are very economical and can be run in the field, yet are prone to subjectivity and variation. These tests, while relatively more sensitive than other tests, are lacking in specificity. 

The Fluorescence Polarization Assay (FPA) is also used as a confirmatory test for serological reactors. The FPA is now acceptable for movement into Canada.


$6.00 ​per sample


Bovine, Swine, Camelids, Goats, Reindeer

Set ​Up Days


Turna​round Time

1-2 days

Specim​en Requirements

0.5 ml of serum

Colle​ction Protocol

Whole blood (red top tubes) or serum- no purple top tubes.

Shippi​ng Requirements

On ice - do not freeze - recommend ship overnight

Submission Fo​rm

Federal form required - available upon request, please call 503-986-4680​

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