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Drinking water advisory

The City of Salem has reissued its drinking water advisory for vulnerable populations in Salem, the City of Turner, Suburban East Salem Water District, and Orchard Heights Water Association.

On June 10, 2018 the City of Salem received encouraging water testing results with cyanotoxin results below advisory levels for vulnerable populations. As a precautionary measure, they have elected to keep the drinking water advisory in place for the next two weeks while they continue to test and refine new treatment methods in their water distribution system. 

For this reason, the City of Salem is extending the advisory. 

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Food service and retail food establishments

Businesses can operate as normal. Print out and post a drinking water notice in prominent locations where customers have access to ice, food, or beverages that contain, or have been processed, with tap water. The Oregon Health Authority created a drinking water incident sign for food service . For a complete copy of the City of Salem drinking water advisory and updated information, including daily test results, visit the City of Salem website.

Food and beverage manufacturing

Businesses that use tap water as a minor ingredient or for food rinsing or equipment cleaning purposes in their production processes may operate normally.

Businesses that do not sell direct to the consumer and produce ice, food, or beverages in which tap water is a principal ingredient (e.g., juice, soup, beer) may wish to postpone production activities until the City of Salem lifts the advisory. Businesses may also consider the use of an alternate, approved water source while the advisory is in effect.






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