Egg Laying Hens

A person may not sell eggs or egg products that the person knows, or reasonably should know, are the product of an egg-laying hen that was confined, during the production of the egg, in an enclosure that fails to comply with ORS 632.840 and OAR 603-018-0005 (ORS 632.850​).

Distributer of eggs or egg products

Prior to distributing any eggs or egg products into, or within Oregon, any person, other than the retail end user of shell eggs, must provide documentation to ODA showing that the eggs or egg products originated from hens that, if confined during the production of the egg, were in enclosures that comply with ORS 632.840 and OAR 603-018-0005. Documentation may include a copy of current UEP or AHA certification, or a notarized letter from an independent third party approved by the ODA Director, certifying that the eggs or egg products were produced in compliance with regulation. 

Eggs or egg products meeting the above referenced certification requirements may not be sold in Oregon if they are comingled with non-certified eggs or egg products.

Distributer documentation must be submitted to ODA annually. Failure, or refusal, to submit documentation to ODA is a violation subject to enforcement actions, up to and including civil penalty.

Oregon purchasers of eggs or egg products

Any Oregon purchaser (other than the retail end-user of shell eggs) of eggs or egg products must maintain receipts or other documentation identifying all distributors from whom they received eggs or egg products. Receipts or other documentation must be maintained for a period of three years and made available to the ODA upon request.​


Oregon Legislature (2011) Senate Bill 805

Egg-laying hen compliance. Senate Bill 805

Standards for egg distributors or purchasers




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