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About this ​committee

ODF leads the Oregon Statewide Wood Energy Team, a public-private partnership to advance biomass energy across the state. The team brings together key experts in the fields of bio-energy, forestry, financing, permitting and public outreach and provides a suite of resources to help biomass energy projects get across the finish line. 

The team's primary objective is to build a pipeline of commercially viable biomass end users and connect those projects to capital construction funding. In addition to start up resources, the team partners with local communities to raise the social acceptance of biomass energy. For example, they assisted Southern Oregon University to help the public understand the environmental and carbon benefits of their proposed biomass heating system. 

The Statewide Wood Energy Team is funded by a USDA Forest Service, three-year cooperative agreement to help open new markets for Oregon’s forest resources, promote economic vitality, and use renewable energy while reducing overall energy costs. ODF, in partnership with 16 private, state and federal organizations will use the grant to start the initial work that will hopefully result in the installation of new wood energy systems and biomass manufacturing businesses. 



Marcus Kauffman
Biomass Resource Specialist
Phone: 541-580-7480​