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New driver card won't be available until Jan. 2014

ODOT Radio News Release

May 14, 2013

For more information: Shelley M. Snow, (503) 986-3438
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Suggested lead: A  new driving card authorized by Oregon lawmakers this year will not be available until January 2014.

SALEMPhones are already ringing at DMV offices about the new driving card approved by the Oregon legislature. But those calls are a little premature.


House: The Oregon legislature just passed Senate Bill 833 and the Governor signed it in May, and this law authorizes DMV to create a new kind of card that provides driving privileges only. It’ll be valid for 4 years instead of 8 and it will be available after January 1, 2014. :20
Public Information Officer David House said it will take several months for DMV to establish the administrative rules that go along with any new law, so much is still unknown about the process. But one thing is for sure: applicants for the new driving card will still have to prove they meet all the other requirements for driving privileges, except proof of lawful presence in the country.
House: And in those cases, they will need to provide some kind of documentation that identifies them, such as a currently valid passport from the country where they’re from or a consular card from their country that is issued by a consulate that we recognize, that we’ve worked with and we’ve verified that their issuance procedures are secure and meet the requirements that match an ID card from a state, for example. :30
Later this year, DMV will announce procedures that go along with the new driver card. For now, staff is busy planning for the increase in business and the new product itself.
House: We also need to design new features of the card identifying it as a driver card as opposed to a driver license or ID card and update our computer systems. :10
House emphasized that the new driver card may or may not be accepted by some organizations, such as banks or at airports, where you are required to show I.D. It is authorized by the law as a card for driving privileges only. More information about the card will be posted on the DMV website, oregondmv.com.
Reporting from Salem, I’m Shelley Snow.
Extra actuality
House: You have to prove that you’ve been a resident of Oregon for at least the previous year, that’s a little tighter than a regular driver license or I.D. card. :09