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Rulemaking Actions by Other Divisions of ODOT

Proposed ODOT Rules

"Other Divisions" refers to rules, primarily in chapter 731, belonging to multiple areas of ODOT such as Central Services, Procurement, Financial Services, Fuels Tax, Transportation Development Division, Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program and ConnectOregon.

These proposed rule changes are open for public comment. Please send your written comments to the ODOT Rules Coordinator.

Road Usage Charge Program

The RUCP is a volunteer program authorized under Chapter 781, Oregon Laws 2013 for the purpose of establishing an alternative revenue source to the state fuels tax.

Proposed Rule Text          Notice Forms

Public hearing: March 18, 2015 at 10:00 am
Transportation Building, Room 103
355 Capitol Street NE, Salem OR
Rules to be adopted: 731-090-0000, 731-090-0010, 731-090-0020, 731-090-0030, 731-090-0040, 731-090-0050, 731-090-0060, 731-090-0070, 731-090-0080, 731-090-0090
Last date for public comment: March 23, 2015
Anticipated date of OTC approval: April 16, 2015

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Recently Closed ODOT Rules

These proposals are no longer open for public comment. The Oregon Transportation Commission will consider approval of the proposed rule changes at its next meeting.

There are no recently closed rules in this category.

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Recently Adopted ODOT Rules

These rule changes were adopted approximately within the last six months.

Updates to Fuels Tax Administrative Rules

Passage of HB 2435 in 2013 implemented tax forgiveness of B-20 made with used cooking oil. New rules outline documentation requirements for exempting the tax and the source of the biofuel.

Passage of HB 4131 in 2014 implemented an option for an annual fee in lieu of the per-gallon tax on vehicles fueled with natural gas or propane. New rules establish the application for permit, payment of fees, proration by application date.

This rulemaking action establishes an electronic reporting system in 2015 and rules related to filing requirements and payment processes.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules adopted: 735-170-0015, 735-170-0035, 735-176-0100, 735-176-0110, 735-176-0120,
735-176-0130, 735-176-0140, 735-176-0150, 735-176-0160, 735-176-0170, 735-176-0180,
735-176-0190, 735-176-0200, 735-176-0210
Rules amended: 735-170-0000, 735-170-0010, 735-170-0020, 735-170-0040, 735-170-0045,
735-170-0105, 735-174-0000, 735-174-0020, 735-174-0030, 735-174-0040, 735-174-0045
Rules repealed: 735-176-0000, 735-176-0010, 735-176-0017, 735-176-0019, 735-176-0020,
735-176-0021, 735-176-0022, 735-176-0023, 735-176-0030, 735-176-0040, 735-176-0045
Date filed: November 25, 2014
Effective date: July 1, 2015

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Published ODOT Rules

This link will take you to Chapter 731 of ODOT's rules on the Secretary of State's website.
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