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DMV Rulemaking Actions

Proposed DMV Rules

These proposed rule changes are open for public comment. Please send your written comments to the ODOT Rules Coordinator.

There are no proposed DMV rules for public comment at this time.

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Recently Closed DMV Rules

These proposals are no longer open for public comment. The Oregon Transportation Commission will consider these proposed rule changes at its next meeting.

Distribution of DMV Secure Odometer and Secure Power of Attorney Forms

This rulemaking will update rules related to the control and distribution of secure forms. The proposed adoption of OAR 735-028-0125 establishes the service fee amount that a secure forms agent may charge for providing secure forms. The amendments to OAR 735-028-0110, 735-028-0120 and 735-028-0150 add definitions and clarify requirements for secure forms agent agreements. OAR 735-028-0120 and 735-028-0130 are being repealed because the subject matter of those rules is now incorporated into the secure forms agent agreement.

Proposed Rule Text          Notice Forms

Rule to be adopted: 735-028-0125
Rules to be amended: 735-028-0110, 735-028-0120, 735-028-0150
Rules to be repealed: 735-028-0130, 735-028-0140
Anticipated date of OTC approval: April 16, 2015

Electronic Vehicle Registration

These rules specify the process for approving or denying vehicle dealer participation in DMV’s EVR program and adopt EVR-related sanctions.

Proposed Rule Text          Notice Forms

Rule to be adopted: 735-150-0041
Rules to be amended: 735-150-0040, 735-150-0120
Anticipated date of OTC approval: April 16, 2015

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Recently Adopted DMV Rules

These rule changes have been adopted approximately within the last six months.

DMV Lay Representation at Contested Case Hearings

DMV has been granted authorization from the Attorney General for agency representation to conduct additional classes of contested case hearings. This rulemaking aligns OAR 735-001-0040 with the authority granted by the Attorney General and the requirements of ORS 183.452.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule amended: 735-001-0040
Filed and effective: December 19, 2014

Vehicle Dealer Expedited Titling Services

DMV has adopted OAR 735-022-0065 to comply with Chapter 14, Oregon Laws 2014 which requires the Department to: (1) provide expedited titling services to vehicle dealers; (2) specify the manner for making a request to the department for an expedited title; and (3) adopt rules establishing criteria and procedures for providing expedited titling services.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule adopted: 735-022-0065
Date filed: December 1, 2014
Effective date: January 1, 2015

Driver Licensing Provisions

This rulemaking made several minor amendments in Chapter 735, Division 62 including provisions related to SSN verification, acceptable proofs of legal presence, proof of residence address, knowledge tests, surrendering of a license, replacement driver licenses, driver permits or ID cards, Valid with Previous Photograph driver license, and CDL test waivers.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules amended: 735-062-0005, 735-062-0007, 735-062-0010, 735-062-0015, 735-062-0030,
732-062-0040, 735-062-0096, 735-062-0110, 735-062-0125, 735-062-0200
Filed and effective: December 1, 2014

Pilot Program for Class C Third Party Testing and Drive Tests

These rules establish a pilot program for select businesses to perform Class C drive tests on behalf of DMV under the authority of ORS 802.600. The rules establish eligibility requirements, the application and certification process and responsibilities for both the testing businesses and examiners, and establish requirements for inspection and record security, a code of ethics and possible sanctions against a testing business or examiner.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules adopted: 735-061-0210, 735-061-0220, 735-061-0230, 735-061-0240, 735-061-0250,
735-061-0260, 735-061-0270, 735-061-0280, 735-061-0290, 735-061-0300, 735-061-0310,
735-061-0320, 735-061-0330, 735-061-0340, 735-061-0350, 735-061-0360, 735-061-0370,
735-061-00380 and 735-061-0390
Date filed: October 28, 2014
Effective date: November 1, 2014

Vehicle Dealer Records

DMV has amended OAR 735-150-0037 to incorporate legislative amendments to ORS 822.045(1)(j)(B) that added a definition and clarify the requirements for satisfying security interest for dealer-to-dealer transactions.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule amended: 735-150-0037
Filed and effective: October 28, 2014

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Published DMV Rules

This link will take you to the DMV Administrative Rules page on the Secretary of State's website.
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