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Motor Carrier Transportation Division Rulemaking Actions

Proposed Motor Carrier Rules

These proposed rule changes are open for public comment. Please send your written comments to the ODOT Rules Coordinator.

There are no proposed Motor Carrier rules at this time.

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Recently Closed Motor Carrier Rules

These proposals are no longer open for public comment. The Oregon Transportation Commission will consider approval of these proposed changes at its next meeting.

There are no recently closed Motor Carrier rules at this time.

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Recently Adopted Motor Carrier Rules

These rule changes have been adopted approximately in the last six months.

Self-loading Log Trucks

These amendments implement House Bill 2259 which modified the authority of the Department to issue a variance permit to operate a self-loading log truck.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule amended: 734-074-0027
Filed and effective: December 17, 2015

Flip Axles

OAR chapter 734, division 82 governs the operation of vehicles transporting loads that exceed legal limits and variance permits issued for vehicles or loads having weight or dimension greater than that allowed by statute. A motor carrier requested this rule change to allow permits to be issued for an unladen trailer over legal length of 53 feet, which includes a flip axle deployed. The request was to allow single trip permits (STPs) on an individual basis for flip axle trailers which can't be reduced to 53 feet without special equipment. Not all trailers are equipped with hydraulics, and it's not always practical for carriers to get equipment onsite to assist with lifting the axle. The proposed rulemaking describes the circumstances under which permits may be issued, both laden and unladen. New language is added to the OARs to allow STPs and annual permits for a variety of trailers including those with flip axles deployed.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules amended: 734-082-0005, 734-082-0040, 734-082-0045, 734-082-0070
Filed and effective: December 17, 2015

Refund of Fees and Tax on Fuel Purchases

This proposed rulemaking sets $100 as the minimum amount for which the Department will issue a refund check to a motor carrier. Motor carriers can have credits of less than $100 applied to other taxes due. The Department will issue a check for less than $100 after a motor carrier’s account is audited and the account is closed. Clarifying language has been added to require a fuel card statement to clearly identify retail and cardlock purchases to ensure refunds are not provided to motor carriers that purchase fuel where the tax is not actually paid.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules amended: 740-055-0020, 740-055-0110
Filed and effective: September 21, 2015

Electronic System

This proposed rulemaking allows the Department the option to require a motor carrier to use an automated electronic system operated by a motor carrier agent as a condition for continuing operations when the motor carrier is found to have repeatedly violated the laws and rules of the Department by failing to report and pay the Oregon Highway Use Tax.  A review of the motor carrier account can be requested after three years of compliance to relieve the requirement of the use of the automated electronic system.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule adopted: 740-300-0005
Filed and effective: September 21, 2015

Federal Safety and Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations

ODOT has revised its rules to certify that the agency trains safety inspectors and performs vehicle and driver inspections to the national standard recognized by USDOT as a necessary prelude to creating and using an Oregon decal which gives evidence to inspectors in jurisdictions outside of Oregon that a vehicle bearing such a decal has been inspected and declared defect free in a nationally uniform manner. Additionally, the rules are required to implement an Oregon Commercial Vehicle Inspection Decal.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules adopted: 740-100-0045, 740-100-0049, 740-100-0055
Rules amended: 740-100-0015, 740-100-0055, 740-100-0065, 740-100-0070, 740-100-0080, 740-100-0085, 740-100-0090
Rule repealed: 740-100-0110
Filed and effective: August 24, 2015

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Published Motor Carrier Rules

This link will take you to Chapter 740 Motor Carrier rules on the Secretary of State's web page.

Chapter 734 Motor Carrier rules are in divisions 70 through 79 and 82.

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