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A New Design is Coming for Oregon Driver Licenses and ID Cards

In spring of 2019, DMV will issue a new card design all across Oregon. A limited number of the new cards have already been issued as part of a pilot program that started in December 2018. 

The card design will be modified slightly in summer 2020 when Oregon starts issuing 'Real ID' cards.

Design Details
The new card design:
  • Meets or exceeds national standards for security and durability.
  • Combines security features with images and symbols that represent Oregon.
  • Uses nation-wide standards for layout and content, which help emergency responders find the information they need.


 Frequently Asked Questions


No, you should only replace your Oregon Driver License or ID Card if:

  • Your old card has expired;
  • You have changed your name; or
  • You decide to apply for a new card or driving privilege.

Statewide rollout of the new system begins in March 2019. All DMV offices will issue the new card design by the end of April 2019 unless there are weather or technical delays.

A limited number of the new cards have already been issued as part of a pilot program.

​No fee changes will occur as a result of the new card design​. 

See current fees​

Will DMV continue to issue a paper interim card?​

Yes. The Interim Card is valid for 30 days or until you receive your plastic card in the mail.

New Interim Card 

Can the interim card be used as legal identification?

People and organizations can choose whether they will accept interim cards as identification. You will need to check with the agency or business to find out what documents they accept. Many businesses and agencies do not accept interim cards as identification. For example, Social Security Administration and Transportation Security Administration do not accept interim cards as identification.

​No.  Cards that are Real ID compliant will be issued in mid-2020. Real ID cards will use the new card design and feature a star in the upper-right corner. 

See more information on Real ID in Oregon.​


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