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Online Vehicle Registration Renewal FAQs


This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about DMV's online vehicle registration and renewal service.  They are organized into the following sections:


Can I purchase a sample license plate for education or other non-registration purposes?
No, Oregon law does not allow DMV to provide license plates for purposes unrelated to vehicle registration.
What do I need to have in order to renew my registration online?
You will need your registration renewal notice from DMV that contains your vehicle license plate number, title number and pre-assigned Renewal Access Code.  You will also need your insurance company name and policy number and a credit or debit card. DMV accepts most credit and debit cards.

Can I renew online if I don’t have an access code from my renewal reminder notice?
No, you cannot renew without a Renewal Access Code from your registration renewal notice along with other vehicle information.  If you have lost your renewal notice you may request a duplicate.  Not all customers are eligible for online registration renewal.  If you are, you will be provided an access code.

How long will it take to receive my registration stickers?
Your registration stickers will be mailed in one business day (for renewals submitted by 4:00 p.m.).  Registration stickers are mailed USPS First Class.  Postal service delivery times vary.

What address will my stickers be mailed to?
Your stickers will be mailed to the mailing address DMV has on file, i.e., the address on your registration renewal notice unless you have changed your address with DMV since receiving your notice.

Is there an additional fee for renewing online?
No, you just pay the registration and plate fees just like you would if you mailed in your registration or took it to a DMV field office.

Can I renew anytime?
You can renew your vehicle online at any time, day or night, however, your opportunity to renew online only lasts for 75 days from the date your vehicle registration expires, at which time your renewal access code expires.

Can I renew online if I don’t currently have insurance for my motor vehicle? 
No, you must have and maintain liability insurance coverage to legally operate your vehicle on Oregon roads.

My license plate expires tomorrow, can I still renew online?
Yes, your record will be updated and your plates and/or registration stickers will be mailed in one business day (for renewals completed before 4:00 PM).  However, the vehicle must display valid (not expired) registration stickers if it is operated on Oregon roads.

Can I renew more than one vehicle online?
Yes, as long as you have a registration renewal notice for each vehicle you want to renew.
How long do I have to renew online after I receive my renewal notice?
You may renew online for 75 days after the vehicle registration expiration date.  You may renew by mail or at a DMV office anytime after the expiration date.

Can I renew online if my address is different from what is on the renewal notice?
Yes, but you will want to change your address online before you renew so that your plates and/or registration stickers are mailed to the correct address.
Can I still renew by mail or at a DMV field office if I choose?
Yes, however, you only have the option of paying with a credit or debit card if you renew online.

Information Security & Disclosure

Will the information I provide be shared or sold?
DMV will collect and store only that customer information necessary to conduct DMV business, or that is required by law.  This information becomes a public record, including personal information DMV may request from you in order to provide requested services.  However, personal information (name, address, driver license number or identification card number) is not released unless a requestor qualifies under the law to receive it.  Certain information may be protected from general release by one or more Oregon laws, which include Oregon's Public Records Law (Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 192.410 - 192.505) and DMV's Record Privacy Law (ORS 802.175 - 802.191).  If information is protected under one of these laws, it will not be released unless a requestor legally qualifies to receive the information.

Is personal information kept secure?  
DMV uses a combination of advanced security technologies to ensure that the data we collect and store is kept secure.  Also, information you send to DMV is encrypted using a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) while it is being transmitted over the Internet.

Will my credit card information be protected?
Yes, the credit card information you provide is encrypted using a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) while being transmitted over the Internet and we do not store your detailed credit card information after the transaction is processed.  We only retain the last 4 digits of your credit card number for auditing purposes and for printing on your receipt.

Technology, Error Messages & Problems

Does it matter what browser I’m using?
The state of Oregon Web site supports a number of browsers but not all.  Refer to the Browser Requirements & Compatibility FAQs for more information.

Why do I get a "This session was canceled or timed out" message?
It’s probably for one of two reasons: You took too long to complete your transaction (for security reasons, you have approximately 30 minutes from the time you begin the transaction to the time you complete it) or the privacy settings on your browser are set too high.  You must ensure that your browser can accept cookies.

Why does the "authorizing Payment" page stay on my screen for a long time (more than 2 minutes) after I submit my credit card information?
Your browser may not be compatible with JavaScript and/or not set to have JavaScript (or Active Scripting) enabled.
Why am I getting a "This page cannot be displayed" or "You cannot connect to www.odot.state.or.us because SSL is disabled" message?
Your browser security settings are set so that secured socket layer (SSL) is disabled.  SSL must be enabled.
Why am I having problems using my browser's BACK and Forward options?
DMV's online services do not support the use of Web browser Back and Forward buttons.  You must use the navigation buttons provided with the DMV online service.
Why does a page I bookmarked within the online service not open properly when I access it later?
Individual pages within the DMV online services are dynamic Java Server Pages (JSPs) and cannot be bookmarked.


Can I renew online if I’m subject to DEQ emissions testing?
Yes, if your vehicle passes the emissions testing.
Can I renew online if my ZIP code is located within a DEQ boundary, but the street address is located outside of the DEQ boundary?
No, you must submit your application for renewal with a Declaration of Exemption form (which should be included with your registration renewal) by mail or at a DMV office to renew your registration.

License Plates

Can I request a different plate while renewing online?
No.  You can learn more about license plate options, fees, and instructions on our Changing to a Different License Plate Web page.

Can I renew my custom plates online?
Yes, you may renew your current custom plate, but you may not make changes other than those listed on your registration renewal notice.
What should I do if my plates need to be replaced?
If your plates have been lost, mutilated or destroyed, you can request replacement plates through the mail or at a DMV office.  You can learn more about this subject on our Replacing License Plates & Stickers Web page.

Laws & Regulations

Is it legal to operate my vehicle if my stickers are expired but I renewed online?
No, the vehicle must display valid registration stickers if it is operated on Oregon roads.

If I don’t plan to drive my vehicle, do I still have to renew the registration?
No, vehicles are exempt from registration if they are not operated on Oregon roads.
Can I renew online if my registration is already expired?
Yes, you can renew online for 75 days after the vehicle registration expiration date.  You may renew anytime after the expiration date by mail or at a DMV office.  However, the vehicle must display valid registration stickers if it is operated on Oregon roads.


Can I use a debit card for payment?
Yes, DMV accepts most credit and debit cards.

How do I request a refund? 
You must submit your request in writing and return your plates and/or registration stickers to DMV. We will not refund registration fees in which DMV has a legal interest and have been lawfully paid (ORS293.334[2]).

Can I replace my lost registration renewal form?
Yes, you may contact DMV and request a duplicate.