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Reinstatement Requirements

Cross Reference

Click on a code in the table below to access the applicable reinstatement requirements (hint - the codes are sorted numerically but you can use your browser's "Find" function (Ctrl + F) to locate a specific code):

S001 S017 S018 S019 S031 S034 S058 S059 S121 S122
S131 S146 S152 S157 S158 S194 S195 S196 S197 S217
S218 S219 S220 S225 S226 S227 S250 S290 S294 S308
S312 S336 S337 S338 S339 S340 S341 S358 S359 S360
S364 S365 S366 S370 ​S371 S372 S376 ​​S379 S386 S387​
S393 S395 S396 S397 S573​ S574​ S724 S725 S731 S732
S733 S734 S794 S795 S796 S797 S798 S799 S801 S802
S803 S804 ​​S805 S808 S809 S810 S811 S812 S813 S814
S815 S816 S823 S824 S825 S826 S834 S836 S982 S984
​S985 S986 S987 S988 S992​ S993 S994​ S995​ S996​

Note: Since the laws regarding driver license reinstatement and special permits are complex, additional requirements (not provided) may apply.

Note: Requirements are subject to change if any further action (i.e., additional conviction, suspension, etc.) occurs on your driving record.

Note: The fee to reinstate your driver license is $75, regardless of whether you have a single revocation or suspension, or multiple actions against your driving privileges.

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