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Proof of School Enrollment


How to Prove School Enrollment

  • Start your application online (first time applicants will need a parent’s signature when you come into DMV);
  • Show proof of high school graduation; or
  • Show proof of GED.


​You can show one of these as proof of high school graduation:

  • High school diploma;
  • Certified copy of high school transcript showing that the applicant has graduated; or
  • Letter, on school letterhead and signed by the principal or the principal's designee, stating that the applicant has graduated from high school.


​You can show one of these as proof of earning your GED: 

  • GED certificate; or
  • Letter from the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development. It must be on agency letterhead and signed by an authorized representative. It must state you have received a GED certificate.

​To get your license back while under 18 years old, you must do one of these:

  • Get a Statement of Enrollment form;
  • Show proof of high school graduation; or
  • Show proof of GED.

The Statement of Enrollment is available at your school or school district. They must be able to certify that you are:

  • Enrolled in school;
  • Attending a community college and making satisfactory progress toward a high school diploma or GED;
  • Being taught by a private teacher, legal guardian or parent in compliance with ORS 339.035; or
  • Exempt from school attendance requirements under ORS 339.030(2)​.​


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