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Limited Vision Learner's Permit
General Information

Limited Vision Condition Learners Permits are issued to individuals fitted with a bioptic telescopic lens who's vision meets established criteria.

Unlike other permits, it is issued in the form of a letter rather than a photo card. Applicants with Oregon ID Cards should keep them as a form of photo identification while they have this special permit. Permits are mailed to the rehabilitation program that applicants are enrolled in vs. the applicants themselves.


The permit will carry the following restrictions:

  • Driving only during daylight hours;
  • Driving only when the person is using a bioptic telescopic lens; and
  • Driving only when accompanied by the specific person or person(s) that are providing the specialized training.

If DMV receives a report from a vision specialist certifying that the person's vision does not prohibit the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle at night, the daylight only restriction will be removed from the Special Vision Condition Learner's Permit to allow nighttime training with the training specialist (see Bioptic Fact Sheet for more information).

Note: The permit is valid for six months.

You may re-apply for a Special Limited Vision Condition Learner's Permit if you are unable to complete the training in six months. The permit will be cancelled if DMV is notified by the rehabilitation training specialist that you have dropped out of the training program.

To Qualify/Apply

DMV will issue this permit once we have received the following:

  • A certificate from a licensed vision specialist that your vision meets the criteria for the program and that you have been fitted with a bioptic telescopic lens;
  • Proof that you have enrolled in a rehabilitation training program offered by a DMV certified training specialist (this may be a confirmation of enrollment on the program's letterhead);
  • Your completed Special Limited Vision Condition Learner's Permit Application (Form 735-173a);
  • The $13 fee for the permit; and
  • You have passed DMV's knowledge test and paid the $5 fee for that test.

The Driver Safety Unit and DMV headquarters will mail the permit to the rehabilitation training program once all the requirements are met.

You may mail the certificate from the vision specialist and the proof of enrollment in a rehabilitation training program directly to:

Driver Safety Unit
DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, Oregon 97314

You will need to complete the application form, take the knowledge test and pay fees at a DMV office. You may submit the certificate from the vision specialist and the proof of enrollment in the DMV office as well. There is no specific order in which these requirements must be met. However, the Special Limited Vision Condition Learner's Permit will not be issued until all have been met.

Questions about your application?
If you have questions about your application you can call the Driver Safety Unit at (503) 945-5086.

Scheduling your Drive Test
Once you have completed the rehabilitation program, have received a Certificate of Competency from your rehabilitation specialist and are ready to apply for a driver license, please call (503) 945-5523 to schedule your drive test.

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