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Reinstating Your Driving Privileges

To reinstate driving privileges (i.e., grant of legal authority to operate a motor vehicle on publicly accessible roadways) that have been revoked or suspended, requirements must be met, a reinstatement fee must be paid to DMV and, in most cases, out-of-state suspensions/revocations must be cleared. Other fees (such as court fines or replacement, renewal or original issuance fees) may also be required. A fee is also required to reinstate a suspended identification card.

Note: For a complete list of reinstatement requirements, you may write, submit an online inquiry, or call us at (503) 945-5000. Please include your Oregon license number or full name and date of birth in your request so that we can provide you with the correct information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reinstate a driving privilege?
You may reinstate your driving privilege by mailing the required materials and payments to DMV Headquarters. Also, driving privileges for some suspensions and revocations may be reinstated at your local DMV office. You must meet all legal obligations and pay a reinstatement fee. Reinstatement may be denied if you have a current suspension or revocation in another state.

How do I request a clearance letter?
Call DMV at (503) 945-5000, write, or submit an online inquiry to request a letter.

I moved out of state, but just received a suspension notice. What do I do now?
Moving out of state does not stop Oregon DMV from suspending your driving privileges. You will need to clear the sanction in Oregon because all other states are notified by computer of your suspension. Another state may choose to not issue you a license, depending on their laws. You may also risk being issued a Driving While Suspended ticket. Contact DMV and be sure to include your Oregon license number or full name and date of birth in your request.

I do not live in Oregon. Why do I have to pay a reinstatement fee?
Oregon reports all suspensions to a national computer system, which may prohibit another state from issuing any type of driving privilege. In order to clear the action on the national system, all requirements in Oregon, including the reinstatement fee, must be met. Regardless of when the action took place, there is no waiving of the fee just because the person is not in Oregon.
Oregon DMV shows I have a suspended license. I have never applied for or been issued an Oregon license. I have a valid license from another state, what should I do?
Call DMV's Customer Assistance Unit at (503) 945-5000 and we will check to see why you have been suspended. You don't have to have been issued an Oregon driver license for Oregon to suspend your driving privileges. The most common reason for suspension of non-residents is one or more unpaid tickets or an accident that was not reported. You will still need to meet all Oregon requirements including a reinstatement fee to clear the problem.

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