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DEQ Emissions Testing


Vehicle being inspectedThis page provides information about Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) emissions testing requirements, locations, fees and services. 
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Who Needs Emissions Testing?
There is no statewide testing requirement, however, most vehicles in the Portland and/or Medford metropolitan areas must pass a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) emissions test as part of the registration tag renewal process. Also, most vehicles that are new to Oregon must pass an emissions test prior to being registered in these areas. 
Emissions testing is required as follows:
  • In the Portland area, 1975 and newer model years must be tested (view detailed information).
  • In the Medford (Rogue Valley) area, vehicles 20 model years old and newer must be tested (view detailed information).
  • In these areas, cars, trucks, vans, motor homes and buses powered by gasoline, alternative fuels (such as propane), and hybrids must be tested.
  • In these areas, diesel-powered vehicles with a manufacturer's gross weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less must be tested.
    If your vehicle meets the above criteria and is new to Oregon, you must have a certificate that the vehicle passed an emissions test before you bring it in to DMV to be registered.
    Note:  Some vehicles are exempt (refer to the Exemptions section below).

    DEQ Testing Locations, Hours and Fees
    Use the links below to access information about DEQ testing locations, hours of operation and fees:
    Please refer to the DEQ web site for more information.

    Refer to the DEQ Web site for information about exemptions from vehicle emissions testing. If you have further questions about whether you are exempt from emissions testing, or you wish to obtain an Exemption Form, call the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at (971) 673-1630 or toll free at (877) 476-0583.

    Inspection Boundaries
    For some addresses within DEQ inspection boundaries vehicle emissions testing is not required because the ZIP code is within a boundary but the street address is located outside of it. To check your address consult the DEQ Web site or call them at (971) 673-1630, or toll free at (877) 476-0583.
    Registration Renewal
    Vehicle registrations can be renewed online, at a DEQ testing facility, by mail or in person at a DMV office. Click here for more information about renewing a vehicle registration.

    Vehicle ID & LEV Check
    Vehicle Identification Number Inspection:
    DEQ testing locations may be able to perform a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection in certain cases. New-to-Oregon vehicles that are subject to DEQ emissions testing may have the VIN inspection performed at any DEQ Testing Station. DMV will collect the $7 VIN inspection fee.
    A VIN inspection cannot be conducted by DEQ if:
    • Your vehicle is not required to be tested for emissions (for example, motorcycles, trailers, or diesel-powered vehicles over 8,500 pounds GVWR).  A vehicle is not required to be tested if it is located outside the DEQ boundaries;
    • Your vehicle is coming to Oregon from out of country; or
    • Your vehicle is an assembled or reconstructed vehicle.
    For more information about vehicle identification number inspections, see VIN Inspections.
    Low Emissions Vehicles (LEV) Check:
    Beginning with model year 2009, Oregon requires passenger vehicles with 7,500 miles or less to prove compliance with Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV) requirement before they can obtain registration, unless they are otherwise exempt. This is in addition to DEQ emissions testing and other vehicle compliance requirements.
    DEQ testing locations may be able to check the vehicle for compliance with the LEV requirement in certain cases. Vehicles that are subject to DEQ emissions testing may have the LEV check performed at any DEQ Testing Station.
    The LEV compliance check cannot be conducted by DEQ if a vehicle is not required to be tested for emissions.
    There is no additional fee for an LEV check. 
    For more information, see Low Emissions Vehicles (LEV).

    Why Emissions Testing?
    The DEQ Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP) was implemented as part of the air quality maintenance program for the Portland and Medford metropolitan areas.
    Vehicles are the number one source of air pollution in Oregon. Emissions lead to high smog and carbon monoxide levels, which can have a variety of effects on Oregonians. The DEQ/VIP is a successful, cost-effective way to reduce air pollution and maintain the quality of Oregon's air.

    Repair Assistance Through DEQ
    If a 1996 or newer vehicle cannot pass the DEQ emissions test and the owner qualifies for low-income status, the owner of the vehicle may apply for DEQ's Clean Air Partners Program (CAP) and possible repair assistance.
    CAP collects donations from other drivers and uses the funds to help those in need to repair their vehicles, pass the vehicle inspection test and drive cleaner, less polluting vehicles. For more information call 971-673-1630 ext. 0 or visit DEQ on the web at: www.deq.state.or.us/aq/vip/cleanairpartners.htm.
    Oregon DEQ no longer offers an Enhanced Test waiver for low-income people.

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