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Announcements - Workspace Updates

Workspace Updates

The ODOT workspace is updated every month.  A PDF is provided that explains the previous three months of updates in plain language with pictures.

Links to information about workspace resources can be found on the ODOT Workspace page.

2017 City/County PDFs for Project Location Maps

City and County PDFs that are often used to create the title sheet project location map are undergoing their annual update, with a big change that will affect their use in contract plans. ODOT GIS Unit is posting the 2017 City and County PDFs to the web, but without layers. PDFs for 2017 that contain the layers needed to adjust the project location map will be stored in Atlas_CAD_2017, where CAD users may download them.

V8i Tips Online & Join.Me

AT&T Connect discontinued the web screen sharing on March 1st, 2018.  Beginning March 7th, V8i Tips Online will use for screen sharing and will continue to use the same AT&T Telephone Conferencing for audio. voice over IP (VoIP) does not function from ODOT, so for the time being all attendees will need to dial-in to hear the presentation.  EAST will continue to pursue a webinar solution that includes VoIP integrated with a telephone conference.  Please update your calendar appointment for V8i Tips Online by opening the updated template.

Contract Plans Manual & Development Guide

The Contract Plans Manual is being released chapter by chapter and can be found on the Drafting and Contract Plans Program web page. The older Contract Plans Development Guide may be found on ODOT's Engineering website.

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