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Engineering Installations

MicroStation will not run unless you have an Engineering Personal Server Share and the software installed on a computer.  A manager must request approval from the Engineering Automation Steering Committee via the Automation Engineer to install many engineering applications.

Request an Engineering Personal Server Share to use MicroStation

An employee, administrative assistant, or manager must fill out an Information Security Unit Request for Services to Update an Existing User Account. In the comment field on screen 3, enter the following statement:
Please set up an engineering personal server share in order to use MicroStation.
See the sample request for assistance in filling out all of the required fields.

Request Approval for Installation of Engineering Applications

To request approval for the installation of MicroStation, InRoads, Descartes, MathCAD, gINT, or gINT Civil Tools, a manager must fill out and send this email template to the Automation Engineer.
Approval from the Automation Engineer will be forwarded to ODOT Computer Support to schedule a Field Services Unit Technician to perform the software installation.

Need Help?

Contact an EAST member if you have questions about filling out these requests. 

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