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Inspector Positioning Tablets

Tablets allow construction inspectors to improve efficiency while onsite.

With the implementation and increased use of automated machine guidance equipment and global positioning on Oregon Department of Transportation construction projects, physical staking is becoming a thing of the past. As part of this evolution, construction inspectors need tools that allow them to perform quality checks without the visual clues provided by traditional construction stakes.

Increasing Accessibility and Efficiency

ODOT has deployed survey-grade tablets to its inspectors, providing them with access to the same data and information used by the machines constructing the roadway. With these tablets, inspectors can easily determine line and grade on a stake-less construction site.

These tablets use the Oregon Real Time GNNS Network (ORGN) to achieve accuracies of +/0.05 ft. MicroSurvey Field Genius surveying software is used to read XML files. This allows an inspector to work with the same roadway design files as the contractor and do so with a high-degree of accuracy.

The goal of this initiative is to give inspectors the capability and flexibility to conduct the same checks required for projects using traditional staking methods. It is not to make an inspector into a surveyor.

Inspector Tablet Pilot Project

ODOT’s use of inspector positioning tablets is in the statewide deployment phase, with 50 tablets deployed across the entire state. Prior to receiving a tablet, construction personnel must complete a one-day training session; approximately 200 construction staff members have been trained.

Inspector tablets have been used on ODOT projects, including:

  • US20: Pioneer Mountain -- Eddyville
  • Newberg-Dundee Bypass
  • OR62: Phase 2
  • US26: Cornelius Pass
  • US97: Wickiup Junction
  • And many other large and small projects.

DT Research tablets were selected by ODOT to provide the 9” touchscreen tablets for the pilot project. The purchase price of the necessary hardware and software is estimated at $8,200, a savings of approximately $12,000 over standard survey-grade GNSS units.

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