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OR 62: I-5 to Dutton Road (also known as "Oregon 62 Corridor Project")

Project News

Latest Project Video - Keeping traffic moving during Lone Pine Creek culvert replacement
Oregon 62 _new stage.jpg
Westbound traffic moves through the Lone Pine Creek culvert work area, Wed., July 13

Latest Construction News
OREGON 62 (Crater Lake Highway) Expressway Project- Unit 2 Phase 1 ($120 million) MP .7-.1.73
Watch for lane shifts Wednesday night, July 13 in the area of the Lone Pine Creek culvert.    Concrete barrier will be extended further west past the Hubbard’s driveway to provide enough refuge for work in the center of the travel lanes.
Thursday morning, traffic will be in its new configuration for this phase of the project.
U-turn is installed for westbound Oregon 62 traffic at Poplar and Bullock intersection. This will allow westbound traffic back to south side businesses. ‘No U turn’ sign is placed at Oregon 62 at Delta Waters Road for eastbound traffic.
 Next scheduled left turn restriction begins on the dates below.
Skypark Drive – July 26
Delta Waters Rd. to Poplar Drive – September 8.
Old Medco Haul Road is closed to all traffic, including bicyclists and pedestrians.
Watch for workers and equipment off roadway daytime but on the road during the night - but in the work zone.
All lanes Oregon 62 lanes will be open between 6 a.m. – 7 p.m., Mon.-Thurs, and 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Friday-Sunday.
Work is in the early stages, driving supports for the new directional interchange and relocating a sewer main near Lone Pine Creek.
Oregon 62 Expressway project is underway
Commuters, shoppers and other travelers on Crater Lake Highway (Oregon 62) from Interstate 5 to Delta Waters Road are trekking through an active work zone for the $120 million Oregon 62 Expressway project.
In May,  prime contractor Knife River Materials of Central Point began construction on the project’s first phase.
The two-year multimodal solution, which underwent more than a decade of planning, will increase capacity and improve safety along the Crater Lake Highway corridor, a critical business connection for freight, tourism and commuters.
Mobility is Critical
Project plans require Knife River and its subcontractors to keep two lanes of Oregon 62 open in each direction from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday and from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday.
From now through mid-September, the project calls for three traffic switches during the replacement of the Lone Pine Creek box culvert located in front of Lava Lanes.
“The traffic switches are to ensure people can keep moving smoothly in the corridor while the box culvert is constructed,” said Project Manager Tim Fletcher.
A temporary access change to Delta Center behind Starbucks will also occur during the culvert replacement work. Traffic will still be allowed to enter but will need to exit at either Delta Waters Road or Excel Drive.
Other construction work that’s complete is a temporary multi-use path located on ODOT-owned property south of the existing sidewalk. The multi-use path will allow the contractor to begin tearing out the old south side curb line and begin constructing the new curb, gutter and sidewalk.
Removing Left Turns
“The safety concern is higher crash rates at corridor intersections, especially from I-5 to Delta Waters Road,” said ODOT Project Information Specialist Gary Leaming. “The busiest intersection in the Rogue Valley is Oregon 62 and Delta Waters Road. It has traffic numbers higher than those along I-5 north of Medford.”
Left turns from Crater Lake Highway and from the intersection of Whittle Road and Skypark Drive will be removed. Westbound left turns were taken away earlier this month at Whittle Road in preparation for the culvert replacement. Further, the project schedule calls for removing left turns onto Oregon 62 in front of Hubbard’s Hardware in July and at Skypark Drive in September.
“We’re eliminating several left turns to improve safety along Crater Lake Highway,” said Fletcher. “Many locations along the Oregon 62 corridor have high volumes of traffic and higher-than-average crash rates. Removing these left turns will help reduce the crash rate.”  U-turns are permitted for westbound traffic at the highway’s intersection with Poplar Dr. and Bullock Rd.

Congestion and safety

Airport-Expressway-map.jpgUnfortunately, the Crater Lake Highway (Oregon 62) exceeds capacity standards. Future growth is expected to significantly increase traffic volumes.

“Higher crash rates at corridor intersections, especially from I-5 to Delta Waters Road, are a safety concern,” said ODOT Public Information Officer Gary Leaming. “Oregon 62 and Delta Waters Road is the busiest intersection in the entire southwest Oregon region. The traffic counts are higher than those at I-5 north of Medford.”

The 4.5-mile expressway will start with three lanes of eastbound traffic at Poplar and Bullock Roads near Fred Meyer. Through traffic will turn left on a small directional interchange located across from Whittle Road. Traffic will then travel along a four-lane expressway on the east side of the Medford Airport, span over Vilas Road, and connect to the existing Crater Lake Highway near Corey Road. Traffic destined for commercial centers such as Costco, Lowe’s and Safeway will continue as is done today.

For westbound traffic, three lanes of traffic will extend through the Poplar-Bullock intersection to the north jug-handle to Biddle Road. That traffic from Biddle Road will change so that merging traffic will stop before it enters the westbound Oregon 62 lanes.

The most challenging segment during the first construction phase will be located where traffic already runs heavy, between Poplar Drive and Delta Waters Road. ODOT plans to take advantage of a wide section of its own right of way on the south side of the highway section.

The second phase of the Oregon 62 Corridor project, scheduled to bid in late 2016, will continue the roadway north; a corridor bridge will span Vilas Road and follow the Old Medco Haul Road before meeting Oregon 62 near Corey Road north of White City.

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