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Keep Oregon Moving - Motor Carriers' Investments

Investments in Transportation

Oregon is making major investments to benefit everyone who uses the state's transportation system, thanks to a funding package passed by the 2017 Legislature.

The package will raise funds from a variety of sources, including registration fees and weight-mile taxes on commercial vehicles, as well as passenger vehicle-related fees and other transportation fees.

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Fee Changes, effective January 1, 2018

The transportation funding package and other legislation passed by the Oregon Legislature will result in tax and fee increases and other changes for motor carriers. Look for updated forms, tax tables and fee schedules posted on our Forms and Tables page, and on Oregon Trucking Online (click on the “Forms” tab).

Oregon Highway Use Tax increases
  • Weight-Mile Tax (Tables A and B): Mileage tax rates will increase for vehicles subject to weight-mile tax; primarily those with a tax declared weight of 26,001 pounds or more. For example, effective January 1, 2018, a truck with a declared combined weight of 80,000 pounds will pay 20.48 cents per mile; compared to the current rate of 16.38 cents.
  • Flat Monthly Fees: Flat Fees will increase for carriers electing flat monthly reporting for hauling certain commodities. For example, effective January 1, 2018, flat monthly rates for log haulers will increase from 63 cents to 76 cents per 100 pounds of declared combined weight.
  • Road Use Assessment Fees: Fees will increase for heavy loads over 98,000 pounds that cannot be divided (such as a large piece of machinery).
Credential fee increases
  • Oregon Weight Receipts: The fee for an Oregon Weight Receipt (for vehicles subject to weight-mile tax) will increase from $8.00 to $8.50 per weight receipt issued.
Over-Dimension permit fee increases
  • Single Trip Permits: The fee for a single-trip permit will increase from $8 to $8.50. County fees for a single-trip permit (if any) may increase up to $8.50 per county.
  • Continuous Trip Permits (CTP- annual permits that only authorize state highways): The fees for these permits will also increase from $8 to $8.50.
  • Road Use Assessment Fees: Fees will increase for heavy loads over 98,000 pounds that cannot be divided (such as a large piece of machinery).

*Note: The fees for Continuous Operations Variance Permits such as the Extended Weight Permit will not change for 2018.

Other fee increases and changes
  • Heavy Motor Vehicles Registration: Registration fees will increase for vehicles registered between 8,000 to 26,000 pounds (trucks, buses and tow vehicles used to haul other commodities).
  • Tow and manufactured structure toter fee increase: Registration fees will increase for vehicles used exclusively to haul manufactured structures, or used exclusively as tow and recovery vehicles.
  • Bus weight calculation change: The tax declared weight and the registration weight will be based on a bus’s combined weight (the weight of the bus and the maximum load it carries). The current weight calculation method will no longer be used.
  • Farm vehicle registration fee increases: Registration fees will increase for Oregon vehicles certified to register as farm vehicles. Motor Carrier certifies farm accounts and Oregon DMV issued farm registration credentials. Find information on our farm trucking page, including a guide to farm trucking in Oregon. DMV-related questions may be directed to (503) 945-5000 or (503) 299-9999 (Portland Metro Area), or visit the DMV website.
Common fees that will NOT increase on January 1, 2018
  • Temporary Passes: Fees for temporary passes will remain unchanged at $9.
  • Heavy Vehicle Trip Permits:  Fees for trip permits will remain unchanged at $43.
  • Continuous Operation Variance Permits (COVP – Authorizes State and County Roads): Fees for these annual over-dimension permits, such as the Extended Weight Permit, will remain unchanged.

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