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Mobility Advisory Committee

The Purpose of OMAC is to:

  • Advises ODOT on potential reduction in capacity impacts (ORS 366.215).
  • Collaborates among diverse stakeholders to resolve mobility issues or concerns.
  • Ensures the safety of workers and the traveling public during planning, design/engineering, construction and maintenance activities.
Stakeholder involvement in project development and implementation is an important part of ODOT’s commitment to keeping freight and traffic moving safely and efficiently throughout Oregon.
In addition to providing input on the above items, OMAC should be involved in the following:

​If a route identified on the Critical Route Pairs List in the Mobility Procedures Manual needs to be restricted, ODOT will take steps to ensure the paired route on the list is not restricted.

​It is the policy of MCTD to work collaboratively with the motor carrier industry and local governments to minimize the impact of restricting the allowable size and weight of loads on state highways to maintain safe travel.

State Highways Policy — Size and Weight Restrictions.

​Policies defined in the Mobility Procedures Manual and PD 26 requires coordination with MCTD and the Mobility Committees throughout project development and construction. This includes any proposed changes to the Traffic Control Plan during construction or concerns regarding delays of traffic and restrictions on lane width and vertical clearance. A Traffic Management Plan and Work Zone Decision Tree shall be provided to MCTD to share with the Mobility Committees when necessary.

When considering a roundabout on the state highway system, follow ODOT procedures to address the needs and concerns of all stakeholders. Talk with the ODOT Motor Carrier Division to determine if the roundabout can accommodate freight movement.


Contact Us

Oregon Department of Transportation
Motor Carrier Transportation Division
3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem OR 97302-1166
Christy Jordan, Freight Mobility Manager
Nikki Bakkala, Permits Program Coordinator
Charlie Hutto, Permits Program Coordinator
ODOT Region Mobility Liaisons
Region 1 — Tony Coleman
Region 2 — Fahad Alhajri
                    Angela Kargel
Region 3 — Matt Malone
Region 4 — Joel McCarroll
Region 5 — Jeff Wise
Hours of Operation (Pacific Time)
Monday through Friday
Offices: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone Service: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
503-373-0000 — Order Permits
503-378-5835 — Questions
Email the Mobility Team.

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