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2017-19 Solicitation Questions and Answers

Posted January 18, 2016  
The following questions have been asked about the 2017-19 biennium funding solicitation - see the document below for answers.   

Solicitation Questions & Answers



2017-2019 Advance Grant Notice Updated - allocation now includes small urban funding

Posted December 28, 2016  
The Section 5310 Program funding allocation has been changed to include small urban funding specifically designated to the seven small urban agencies in Oregon. Learn more about the change on page 4 of the 2017-2019 Advance Grant Notice. 

Small Urban Application for Funding (right-click to save - will not open in Chrome browser) - New

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Applications for 2017-2019 biennium funding now available

Posted November 10, 2016  
Applications for 2017-2019 biennium funding are now available. 
Please refer to the 2017-2019 Advance Grant Notice packet for program overviews and biennial allocation targets.
How to access the applications  
Our applications are fillable forms that require Adobe Reader Version 10 (or above) and must be completed on a computer. Download Adobe Reader for free at: http://get.adobe.com/reader/
  • The applications will display additional questions based on your answers. Please answer every question in the application.
  • To access the application, right-click on the application link with your mouse and select Save.
  • Save a copy of the application to your computer.
  • Open the file using the Adobe Reader program before you begin entering information.
    Important: The forms will not open in the Google Chrome web browser. In the Google Chrome web browser, an error message will apear that says "Please wait...."
  • Contact Liz Rickles at 503-986-3394 or elisabeth.m.rickles@odot.state.or.us for assistance using the forms.

Section 5310: Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities: Instructions, Application, and Application List Worksheet - Due February 17, 2017

Special Transportation Fund: Instructions and Application - Due February 17, 2017
Section 5311: Formula Grants for Rural Areas: Instructions and Application - Due January 20, 2017 
Transit Network and Intercity: Instructions and Application - Due January 20, 2017 
Application-related forms



Upcoming ODOT Public Transit Solicitation and Procurement Training

Posted October 19, 2016  
ODOT Public Transit staff will be holding training sessions throughout Oregon and online in October and November, 2016.
This training will cover program opportunities for the next biennium, including grant applications, program changes, and requirements.
At these sessions, Christine West, Capital Program Coordinator, will discuss procurement, asset management, and our newly-formed Oregon Maintenance Council. During lunch, an Operations Support Analyst will present an overview of OPTIS, including new updates to the system. In the afternoon, a Regional Transit Coordinator will explain 2017-2019 program opportunities.
Please RSVP to the appropriate Regional Transit Coordinator for the session you plan to attend. Lunch will be provided.   



Oregon Public Transportation Plan underway - we want your feedback!

Posted September 16, 2016  
ODOT has begun work to develop a new Oregon Public Transportation Plan. This plan will provide a statewide vision for the public transportation system, describe the role of public transit in contributing to Oregon's overall transportation system, and provide a policy framework to inform decision making and guide investment strategies. 
Visit the Oregon Public Transportation Plan website to learn about attending in-person listening sessions across the state or to provide feedback in an online open house
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Transit Asset Management Rule Information Published

Posted August 15, 2016
The Federal Transit Administration Transit Asset Management Final Rule was published July 26, 2016 and will become effective October 1, 2016. The final rule defines the term state of good repair and establishes minimum Federal requirements for transit asset management. This applies to all recipients of Federal financial assistance under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53 who own, operate, or manage public transportation capital assets.
Learn more about how and when the Transit Asset Management rule will impact your agency:

Transit Network grant awards finalized

Posted July 26, 2016
The Oregon Department of Transportation is awarding funding to 10 projects from around the state that enhance Oregon’s statewide fixed route transit network. Funding comes from a variety of sources administered by the Rail and Public Transit Division (RPTD). The recommendations were reviewed and finalized by the Public Transit Advisory Committee.
In June of 2016, a committee composed of PTAC, RPTD, ODOT Planning Section, and ODOT Active Transportation Section representatives reviewed 12 applications. The total application request was $996,647. The applications were evaluated, scored, and ranked for  applicant eligibility, applicant management capacity, coordination with other partners, project value, and statewide transit network impact including how well the projects improved access to transit and connections between modes. Projects recommended for funding include a vehicle purchase, site improvements, a shared-use path, and electronic data solutions. The final total award recommendation is $811,471. Grant agreements will be executed in September, 2016.




72 Special Transportation Fund projects recommended for $8 million in funding

June 16 update: approved by Oregon Transportation Commission

posted June 6, 2016
The Public Transportation Advisory Committee is recommending $8 million in funds for 72 projects around the state benefiting transportation services for seniors and individuals with disabilities, among others. The Oregon Special Transportation Fund is a state-funded program for transportation services needed to access to health, education, work and social/recreational opportunities so that seniors and individuals with disabilities may live as independently and productively as possible. The recommendations now go to the Oregon Transportation Commission for final approval at its June 16 meeting in Hood River.

In March 2016, designated Special Transportation Fund agencies submitted 94 applications requesting $13.3 million. Projects recommended for funding range from bus purchases to translation services, from adding bus shelters to enhancing non-emergency medical transportation services. The applications were evaluated and ranked by several stakeholder committees, reviewed by ODOT staff for feasibility, and discussed at several public hearings. Evaluation criteria included how well the project contributed to investment goals of providing support for cost-effective programs, innovation and growing the economy, among other requirements of the Special Transportation Fund.


STF Review Committee Funding Recommendation


Projects recommended for Discretionary Bus Package funding

posted June 2, 2016
Awards have been announced for the Discretionary Bus Package, which includes 5307 Mass Transit, 5339 Bus and Bus Facility, and 5310 Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities funding.  
Learn more about the Discretionary Bus Package, including selection criteria, in the application instructions for each fund below.  



Important information regarding application of Senate Bill 142A

posted January 26, 2016
During the last legislative session, a new bill (Senate Bill 142A) was passed regarding passenger carrier safety requirements. The bill affects many of our public transit providers. 
Many providers have had questions about the new law. The attached documents have been prepared to provide additional information and to explain the new requirements.

If you have further questions, please contact Kenneth Stewart with the Motor Carrier Transportation Division at 503-378-5985.

New Drug and Alcohol Compliance Training Resources

posted Nov. 17, 2015
RLS Associates visited three locations in Oregon this past fall for a full-day Drug and Alcohol Compliance training for managers.
Many found this presentation very useful and informative; below is the PowerPoint for reference:
Additional training is also available:
Effects and Consequences of Prohibited Drug Use - 60 minute video training