Programs and Funds

ODOT Public Transit manages several key programs supporting the Department's vision of an efficient transportation system in livable communities. The scope of these programs includes transit policy initiatives across the state, oversight, and training to help ensure program compliance. Individual programs fund investment strategies based on service-area population and other driving forces.


Annoucement for Providers: 2016 Advance Grant Notice Packet 

This packet includes information about grants with application due dates in early 2016, including:

  • Special Transportation Fund – Discretionary Grant Program
  • Capital Investment Program
    • 5339 Bus Replacement (Rural and Small Urban)
    • 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
    • Mass Transit Vehicle Replacement (Urban Transit)
  • Transit Network – Discretionary Grant Program


General Public

Supports public transportation for urban and rural communities and assists Tribal governments in Oregon

  • Mass Transit Vehicle Replacement​
  • §5311 Formula Grants for Rural Areas
  • §5339 Bus and Bus Facilities

Enhanced Mobility / Special Needs

Focuses on service and capital transit asset improvements for seniors and individuals with disabilities

  • §5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
  • Oregon Special Transportation Fund (STF)


Connects communities by closing service gaps on underserved corridors and improves service coordination by connecting bus, rail, and air services

  • §5311(f) Intercity Bus

Transportation Options

Increases transportation system capacity by improving and promoting alternatives to driving alone


Provides a basis for short and long range public transportation decisions

  • §5304 Planning


Helps transit providers meet compliance requirements by providing training and technical assistance