A variety of partners are involved in providing public transportation in Oregon. .



Public Transit Advisory Committee provides advice to OTC and ODOT Public Transit to assist in developing transit policies and programs and serves as a forum for discussing and identifying public transportation issues and solutions.


Oregon Transit Association  is a nonprofit corporation that advocates for development and improvement of efficient, safe, and convenient transportation services, techniques, methods, facilities, and equipment


Area Commissions on Transportation are regional advisory bodies authorized by OTC. Their shared mission is to address all aspects of transportation with a primary focus on the state's transportation system.


Oregon Transportation Commission establishes state transportation policy and guides the planning, development, and management of a statewide integrated transportation network.

STF Agencies

Special Transportation Fund agencies are the counties, transit districts, and Indian Tribal Governments designated by Oregon law to receive the state's STF funding. STF agencies, in coordination with local transit providers and stakeholders, identify projects for funding with a variety of funds and act to oversee implementation.


Metropolitan Planning Organizations in Oregon are federally designated transportation organizations that ensure transportation projects and programs are based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process.


Transportation Options Group of Oregon  is Oregon's primary association of professionals and advocates collaborating to promote a balanced and integrated systems of transportation alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle.