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Traffic Performance and Congestion

Congestion Relief

Report and video series explore traffic performance and congestion mitigation on Portland area highways
According to a new report from ODOT, congestion in the Portland area is getting worse. The 2018 Traffic Performance Report points out that the solutions to Portland’s congestion aren’t easy or cheap, but they can improve urban mobility.

This report provides information on the health of the region's freeway system. The report examines key traffic performance areas that relate to urban mobility. By monitoring these indicators, we can identify problems, and effectively manage the system to better enable the movement of people, goods and services.
A series of short videos explores key findings from the report and talks to Oregonians about solutions including
  • Auxiliary lanes
  • Intelligent transportation systems like Portland’s Real Time system
  • Transportation options like improving bike routes and transit options
  • Tolling

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2018 Traffic Performance Report

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