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Wildfire Response and Recovery

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Wildfires Have a Major Effect on Our Transportation System

fire ravaged mile post sign

The Oregon wildfires affect so much of our lives including our transportation system. Most people know that roads close due to flames and smoke when fires are in the immediate area, but many people may not know that debris such as downed trees can cause closures. Fire can damage the road surface, signs, guardrails, etc. too. There are four phases of re-opening highways - evaluation, critical services, partial opening and full restoration.

Reopening roads after wildfires infographic

Closure Status

For the very latest road conditions call 5-1-1 or visit TripCheck.comView the closure status map or the detailed corridor maps below to learn more about the closures:  


According to the U.S. Forest Service, a hazard tree is a tree that has a structural defect (burned, damaged or diseased) that makes it likely to fall or drop branches. 

Rock scaling, according to the Federal Highway Administration, is the process of removing loose or potentially unstable material (or a small section of slope) that might dislodge and/or fall.

Road damage: wildfire can damage the asphalt on a road. It can cause cracking, potholes, melting and in very intense heat asphalt can burn. 

Statewide Numbers

This data is preliminary and will change as assessments are completed. Most of the numbers will increase, some will decrease. 


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