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Oregon Public Transportation Plan


The Oregon Public Transportation Plan, adopted by the Transportation Commission in September 2018, is now published online with a separate Executive Summary.

See the links below for the final OPTP and the new Executive Summary. Volume 2 of the OPTP contains the papers, memos, and analyses that informed the content of the OPTP. ODOT has made minor editing corrections to the OPTP from the September version.

OPTP Executive Summary

OPTP Volume 2: Interim Products Informing OPTP Development


Oregon has a new 2018 Oregon Public Transportation Plan. The new OPTP provides a statewide vision for the public transportation system and a policy foundation to assist state, regional, and local transportation agencies in making decisions. The OPTP is one of several mode and topic plans that refine, apply and implement the Oregon Transportation Plan.

The new vision for public transportation in Oregon:
"In 2045, public transportation is an integral, interconnected component of Oregon’s transportation system that makes Oregon’s diverse cities, towns, and communities work. Because public transportation is convenient, affordable, and efficient, it helps further the state’s quality of life and economic vitality and contributes to the health and safety of all residents, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

OPTP Development

Advice from stakeholders and the public helped to build the new OPTP. A diverse Policy Advisory Committee, or PAC, guided plan development and a Technical Advisory Committee, or TAC, advised ODOT on specific topics. ODOT consulted the public throughout, including online open houses and public events held throughout the state after each of the three plan development milestones.

You can refer to the Public Involvement Summary for a short summary of events. A full summary of the plan development process is included as Appendix B in the OPTP Volume 1.

Next Steps

The OPTP provides a broad work outline for public transportation activities. In the months after adoption, ODOT will develop a more specific work plan for its early actions. The work plan will build on the OPTP policies and strategies and work ODOT has already begun. The plan will focus on the key initiatives and near term actions that ODOT can take and identify implementation tasks that local and regional agencies can take.

Stay Up to Date

See the Plan Advisory Committee for PAC information.

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 Lucia Ramirez
Principal Planner

 Naomi Zwerdling
Program and Policy Lead

 Michael Rock
Planning Unit Manager

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