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Automated Vehicle Testing

Interested in Testing Automated Vehicles in Oregon?

Connect with us! We are looking to work with any company that has interest in bringing automated vehicles to Oregon, and we have established a voluntary testing notification process to facilitate the exchange of information between AV manufacturers and the agency. If you have any questions, email us at

Why Participate?

ODOT does not currently regulate AV testing, but the AV Voluntary Notification allows us to provide safety information to interested companies on work zones and lane closures on proposed test routes and dates. It also enables ODOT to solicit feedback from AV system developers on how to engage the industry, and to track the progress of AV testing in the state. 

(Note: In April 2018, Gov. Brown signed House Bill 4063 relating to automated vehicles and creating the Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles. Learn more about their work here.)

Before Testing

Before each AV test, ODOT encourages companies to fill out the Voluntary Notification of Automated Vehicle testing form (Note: If you cannot open the form, right-click to save it.).

The form requests information similar to that gathered by other states. This form is neither an application nor a permitting process, but instead a notification of planned testing activities. Email the completed form to

After Testing

ODOT also requests that AV companies submit a report after testing is complete. Email this report to  The report should consist of:

  • Brief description of recent testing activities
  • Total number of miles driven in autonomous mode each testing period.
  • Total number of disengagements of the AV system each testing period. Disengagements are specified as (1) when a failure of the autonomous technology is detected, or (2) when the safe operation of the vehicle requires that the autonomous vehicle test driver disengage the autonomous mode and take manual control of the vehicle.
  • Any collisions involving the AV system, and whether they were caused by the AV system or another vehicle.

What to Expect

The objectives of voluntary notification are to ensure the safety of the transportation system and to learn from the Automated Vehicle industry. Once a voluntary notification is submitted, ODOT staff will consult with local jurisdictions and share with the testing company whether roadwork or lane closures are scheduled to occur in the test environment. ODOT will also share the intent to test with Oregon State Police, who will notify local law enforcement of the test to help alleviate confusion. ODOT will also review the application to learn more about this new field to ensure that its processes and interactions are efficient and effective.

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