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2015 Stage One Problem Statements

Geotechnical, Hydraulics, and Environmental

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Planning and Economic Analysis

​1. 15-025  Investigating Household Economics: Modeling Time Budgets, Money Budgets and Cost-Benefit Tradeoffs for Forecasting Household Travel Decisions Shifts
​2. 15-028  Identifying Risk through Geospatial Analysis of Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes and Level of Traffic Stress
​3. 15-032  Development of Rational Cost Allocation Models for Bridges in Oregon
​4. 15-035 Mode Shifting: Assessing the Economic, Environmental, and Safety Impacts of Short-Haul Rail Hub Locations in Oregon
​5. ​15-036  Travel Time Reliability Estimation and Prediction for Oregon Congested Highway Corridors
​6. 15-039  Road User Charge Economic Analysis
​7. 15-041  Factors to Consider for Multimodal Investment Decision-Making in Urban Areas
​8. 15-042  Freight VMT and Economic Activity
​9. ​15-047  Multimodal Scorecard Evaluation Process
​10. 15-048  Guidance for Calculating Statistically Significant Travel Time Reliability Metrics
​11. 15-049  Develop Mobility Analysis Tool for Measuring Capacity and Queuig at Intersections with Adaptive Signal Timing
​12. 15-052  Evaluation of Freight Typologies Influencing Policy Effectiveness
​13. 15-058 Assessing Potential Changes in Travel in the Context of Emerging Transportation Innovations
​14. 15-062  ITE Trip Adjustment Methodology for Urban Contexts Using Spatial Economic Theory
​15. 15-066  Multimodal Cost Responsibility for Roads
​16. 15-067  A System for Automatically Collecting Freight Transportation Travel Demand Data
​17. ​15-069  A Study of Privacy Protection Mechanisms and Platforms to Enhance Freight Private Sector Data Sharing in Oregon
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