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Roads Scholar Core Class Descriptions
Level 1 Program Descriptions
RS-1 Basics of a Good Road 
An introduction to the Roads Scholar Program, this class provides a general overview of the topics of traffic, road geometrics, drainage, materials, and pavements.
RS-2 Drainage: Key to Roads that Last 
Examines the effects of water on roadways.  Participants will learn how water enters the roadway, the types of drainage systems that work, maintenance and repair techniques.
RS-3 Paving Materials 
Introduces the key properties of the aggregates and binders required for good paving materials.  Includes a discussion of binders, including asphalt, cement, and emulsions.
RS-4 Environmental BMPs 1 
An overview of best management practices (BMPs) designed to minimize the impact of road maintenance activities on water quality.  The class will focus on the impact of road maintenance on fish and fish habitat.
RS-5 Asphalt Pavement Maint. 1 
Reviews the types of asphalt pavements and the causes of pavement distress.  Participants will learn the best practices for pavement corrective maintenance, including inlay, blade, machine patching, and crack filling. 

RS-6 Asphalt Pavement Maint. 2 
Reviews the types of asphalt pavements and causes of pavement distress.  Presents pavement preventive maintenance alternatives such as fog seals, slurry, and chip seals.
RS-7 Effective Communication Skills 
Participants will learn how to improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills for more effective communication.
RS-8 Environmental BMPs 2 
This class presents an overview of erosion control and vegetation management methods that are environmentally friendly.
RS-9 Maintenance Math 
A refresher and beginning class for public works employees.  Participants will learn how to calculate areas, volumes, rates, and costs to solve common maintenance problems encountered in the field.
RS-10 Introduction to Survey and Grade Checking 
Introduces basic surveying techniques, including how to measure a slope and calculate an elevation.  Field work allows participants to use basic surveying instruments.

Level 2 Program Descriptions
RS-11 Workplace Safety Training 1
RS-12 Workplace Safety Training 2
These two classes cover workplace safety training on topics that include hazard communication, confined space entry, excavation and trenching, scaffold safety awareness, use of stairways and ladders, electrical safety awareness, use of bucket trucks, biohazard safety and fall protection.
RS-13 Advanced WZ Traffic Control
Class covers traffic control regulations, traffic control principles, traffic control devices, traffic control plans, evaluation of traffic control plans, flagging requirements and legal consequences.
RS-14 Roadway Safety Fundamentals 1
RS-15 Roadway Safety Fundamentals 2
These two classes cover crash data, tort liability, speed limits, traffic control devices, pavement markings, pedestrian safety, school area safety, railroad crossings, access management, parking, traffic impact analysis, traffic calming, vegetation control, drainage features and roadside barriers.
RS-16 Emergency Response Operations 
Description coming soon 
RS-17 Bridge Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
Introduction to how a typical bridge structure works, understanding bridge inspection reports, preventive maintenance activity and minor repairs and performing emergency inspections.
RS-18 Winter Road Maintenance
Winter maintenance training that includes anti-icing, material selection, equipment maintenance, proper plowing techniques, de-icing, winter maintenance management and use of performance measures.