The Oregon Government Ethics Commission is pleased to announce the launch of the Electronic Filing System (EFS). 

The EFS system became available on 12/15/2015 for lobbyist and their client/employers to register for the 2016-2017 registration period.  The EFS system will allow lobbyist, their client/employers and other agency stakeholders to register and file reports from anywhere, on any device that can access the Internet (modern browser required).  That information -- a matter of public record -- is then available for citizens of Oregon to view through the EFS searchable online database.

 Please click on the file button to access the system.


Instructional Videos

These instructional videos will focus on the different aspects of utilizing the new Electronic Filing System (EFS) for required users and the public.  The videos will highlight:

    • How to create a user profile
    • How to electronically file required reports
    • How to electronically file registrations and terminations
    • How to use the system to search and retrieve public records held by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission 
  • Videos are created using full screen defaulting to 720p HD.  
  • 720p HD is a versatile standard that is comfortably viewed when viewing on large monitors, laptops and tablets.  

It's also ok for mobile phones, just make sure to zoom in to read small text.





This video will guide Statement of Economic Interest filers in creating account profiles.



This video and Instructional Handout guide Jurisdictional Contacts in creating account profiles and assigning SEI filers.



This video guides lobbyists and their clients through the process of Quarterly Expenditure Report filing.




This video guides lobbyists and their clients in creating account profiles and registering to lobby in the new online system. 



In 2007, the Commission recognized the need for, and began planning efforts to build, an automated solution for the filing, processing and making publicly available over 16,000 annual filings of statements of economic interest, lobbying registrations, lobbying expenditures, and legal expense trust fund reports. 

After a series of state budget setbacks, a Special Assessment was setup specifically to generate the funds for this initiative, and the legislature set a January 1, 2016 deadline for implementation.  Per SB 5522 (2013), work officially began on design and development of the EFS in 2014.



The objective of this initiative is to leverage technology and the accessibility of the Internet to:

  • Enable public access to the data provided in the filings described above, both in detail and real-time, through self-run queries and reports on the Internet
  • Automate the filing process via online submittals, reducing the time and effort for filers in submitting the required information and increasing the on-time filing percentage
  • Develop the tools necessary for the Commission to effectively and efficiently meet the statutory requirement to audit the filings received by the system


Legal Expense Trust Fund Final Report

  • No later than 30 days from the date of the termination of the fund, you must file with the Commission a final report listing the total of all contributions made to the fund and the total of all expenditures made from the fund, as described in ORS 244.219(4).  Please click on the following link to access the Final Report form.