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This video and Instructional Handout guide will guide Statement of Economic Interest filers in creating account profiles.




This video and Instructional Handout guide Jurisdictional Contacts in creating account profiles and assigning SEI filers.




This video guides lobbyists and their clients through the process of Quarterly Expenditure Report filing. Click the hyperlinks to view Quarterly Expenditure Report filing instructions for lobbyists or clients/employers.




This video guides lobbyists and their clients in creating account profiles and registering to lobby in the new online system. 


On-site Training
Trainers are available to present training sessions or workshops throughout the state on government ethics law, lobbying regulations, and executive session provisions at no cost.

You can now request training sessions online! Click here to request training.

For more information related on-site training services, please call 503-378-5105 or contact us by email at ogec.training@oregon.gov.



Adobe Connect Webinars - Presented Live Over the Internet - OGEC is pleased to offer Adobe Connect Webinars as a training option!  These 30-60 minute trainings are presented live by an OGEC trainer using the internet. Several different classes will be presented each month. Anyone may participate in any of these classes, but the number of available spaces is limited. Please register at least one day in advance by emailing ogec.training@oregon.gov . Webinars are provided free of charge. OGEC can also provide customized webinar trainings for any group on request.   

OGEC is pleased to offer free on-line learning through iLearn Oregon. Training modules are short, focused, and convenient. We are using the system to offer free e-learning training modules focusing on government ethics law, lobbying regulations, and executive session provisions.
Whether you are a public official or a private citizen, anyone with an e-mail address can register to take classes through iLearnOregon at no cost. In addition, once you are registered in iLearn, you can access training from any internet-connected computer.
iLearn allows you to take training and keeps record of the training you have taken. Plus, using online training allows you to reduce travel time, save on training costs, and creates flexibility by delivering the training when you need it. 
Open iLearn 
Click this link to open iLearn: Access iLearnOregon  
Log Into iLearn
Once you are on the iLearn site, you will need to enter your user name and password. If you do not have a user name and password, you will need to register.
Register in iLearn
If you are NOT a state employee, click this link for step-by-step instructions on how to register in iLearn : /OGEC/docs/Training/iLearn_New_Acct_Non_State_Employee_20101129.pdf 
If you ARE a state employee, click this link for step-by-step instructions on how to register in iLearn: /OGEC/docs/Training/iLearn_New_Acct_State_Employee_20101130.pdf 
Enroll in an iLearn Class
Once you are logged into iLearn, you will sign up for the courses you wish to take. Instructions on how to register for a course (.pdf)
Start an iLearn Class
To start the training, click on the underlined title of the training module. This brings up a pop-up box with a link labeled with the name of your module. Click this link. You might have to click it twice to get the program to activate.
Contact Us
Feel free contact our office if you have any questions about training through iLearnOregon. 

A Guide for Public Officials

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission has prepared a booklet entitled "Oregon Government Ethics LawA Guide for Public Officials." This resource reviews several ethics topics one by one. It covers both the statutes and the Oregon Administrative Rules, and includes examples.  This 50-page book is a useful tool.
You can either print off a hard copy or save a PDF version to your computer. The electronic copy is a searchable PDF, allowing you to easily research a topic.
The most recent version was approved by the Commission in October, 2010, as it incorporates the changes that were made to the law during the legislative session of 2009, and no changes were made to the Oregon Government Ethics law during the 2011 legislative session.
Access the current guide by selecting this link: "Guide For Public Officials" Guide for Public Officials 2015 Supplement.  To request a hard copy free of charge, call 503-378-5105 or e-mail ogec.mail@oregon.gov.

Training Resources

Adobe Connect Webinars 
The webinars are presented live by an OGEC trainer. Anyone may participate in any of these classes, but the number of available spaces is limited. Please register at least one day in advance by emailing ogec.training@oregon.gov with the name and date of the webinar you wish to take. Webinars are provided free of charge. 
You will need to be at an internet-connected computer. You can access the sound by either connecting to a conference telephone call, or through your computer speakers using VOIP.
These webinars work best on computers with recent operating systems, Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, or 8.0, at least 256 MB of memory, a processor speed of at least 1GHz, and an internet connection of at least 56Kbps. This website will test your system to make sure you can successfully participate in an iLinc webinar:  


For a full description of the system requirements, please see the last page of this document. 
Conference calls are clearer than VOIP, do not use any internet bandwidth, and allow you to speak to the instructor. VOIP sound is provided through your internet connection, but is a little less clear and uses 15KBps of bandwidth, so you need an internet speed of at least 100Kbps. Attendees listening via VOIP can type-chat with the instructor, but cannot be heard. You can choose to listen in by either method.