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Laws and Rules Governing the Health Policy and Analytics Division

The laws governing the activities and scope of the Health Policy and Analytics Division (HPA) are defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). The Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) determine how those laws will be implemented. Learn more from the State Legislative website and the Secretary of State website.

Current Rulemakings

Health Care Facility Utilization and Hospital Discharge Data Submission Requirements - OAR 409-022

Need for Amendment:  Senate Bill 23 (Oregon Laws 2019) authorized the collection of emergency department discharge data from general acute care hospitals in Oregon. OAR 409-022-0010, and 409-022-0020 are being amended to include a definition of emergency department discharge data and a required data element list. Hospitals have been submitting emergency department discharge data to Apprise Health Insights since 2014. Rule changes will not affect day-to-day operations. OAR 409-022-0015 is being amended to prescribe the AHA annual survey as the required annual hospital utilization report.

Rule filing notice

Last day to submit written comments: January 8, 2020, 5:00 pm
   Written comments should be emailed to

Hearing scheduled for:
   January 6, 2020, 11:00 am
   Barbara Roberts Human Services Building
   500 Summer Street NE, Room 554
   Salem, OR 97301

Adopted Rules


Chapter 409 - Health Policy and Analytics
Chapter 431 - Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP)


HPA rules fall into basically three categories: 1) Commissions; 2) Data Reporting, and 3) Programs. The links below provide additional information not found on the Secretary of State's website, including:

  • Rule (current and upcoming)
  • Attachments, tables, forms (if applicable)
  • Applicable statutes (ORS) that governs the rule
  • Program website


Data Reporting Rules



State Laws (ORS)
Secretary of State rules (OAR)
OHA Rulemaking

Contact Info

Zarie Haverkate
Rules Coordinator
OHA-Health Policy & Analytics
500 Summer Street NE, E-65
Salem, OR 97301
Cell: 503-931-6420

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