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Community-Based Support and Services for Young Adults in Transition

Who We Are

Young adult mental health hubs provide coordinated, peer-based social support for young people ages 17-25 experiencing mental health or relationship challenges. More about who we are

  • Provide health care access for young adults in 12 Oregon counties.
  • Serve those who have lived in state systems of care, have been referred for EASA services but don't meet diagnostic criteria, and those who are not well-connected to health care and other supports.
  • Are modeled, in part, after Australia’s headspace centers where any young person who needs support, advice or just someone to talk with, can walk in and be treated with respect and compassion in a confidential and safe environment.

The Hub model emphasizes:

  • Peer-delivered services and supports,
  • Outreach to marginalized and vulnerable young adults,
  • Connections to extended family members, and
  • Access to developmentally appropriate services, all within a strong youth development framework.

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