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Healthy Futures Incentive Program


Healthy Futures is an incentive program designed to encourage OEBB members to learn their individual health risks and to take action to reduce or eliminate those risks when possible.

The Incentive

Members who successfully complete the requirements of the Healthy Futures program within the designated timeframe receive a reduced medical plan deductible ($100/person, up to $300 per family depending on plan selection and the number of individuals covered) or copays (if enrolled in Kaiser Plan 1, which has no deductible).

Program Requirements

   Earning your incentive just got easier!

No more Spouse/Partner requirement

Spouses and domestic partners no longer need to participate to earn your incentive! Only the benefits-eligible employee/retiree needs to participate to earn the incentive for the whole family.

Here's all you need to do:

Step 1: Agree to Participate

When: During Open Enrollment

Log in to the MyOEBB system to make your enrollment selections for the upcoming plan year. Qualifying members will be prompted by the system asking if you'd like to participate. Read through the agreement, and if you'd like to participate, select "YES". This will make all your medical plan options "Healthy Futures" plans, so your incentive will automatically take effect October 1st, regardless of which medical plan you choose.

Step 2: Complete Your Annual Health Assessment

When: August 15 - October 15

You must complete the online health assessment (available through your medical carrier's website) during this specific two-month period each year in order to qualify for the Healthy Futures incentive for the upcoming plan year. Assessments completed outside of these dates will not count toward your Healthy Futures incentive.

Step 3: Take Two Healthy Actions

When: Before August 15 next year

You have most of the plan year to take two healthy actions, and virtually anything that promotes good health will count. If weight or tobacco use are health risks for you, those are priority risks your actions should address, but the specific actions you take are totally up to you.

Step 4: Report Your Two Actions

When: Next Open Enrollment (August 15 - September 15 next year)

Next Open Enrollment when you log in to MyOEBB to make your enrollment selections, members who successfully completed Steps 1 and 2 will be asked if you completed your two healthy actions. Simply select “yes” or “no”. No details or proof necessary.

Missed Steps or Deadlines

  • If you agree to participate (Step 1), but then fail to complete the Health Assessment requirement between Aug. 15 - Oct. 15 (Step 2), your medical plan will revert back to the non-incentivized deductible or copays retroactively effective October 1. If you have already received services under the incentivized plan, claims will be reprocessed and you may be responsible for additional charges.
  • If you successfully complete Steps 1 and 2, but then do not complete two healthy actions by August 15 (Step 3), or fail to report those actions during the next Open Enrollment period (Step 4), you will not be eligible for the incentive the following year.

Exemption Policy

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) will allow exemptions from the Healthy Futures’ online health assessment and/or the two healthy actions requirements for members whose condition, disability or situation makes it unreasonably difficult or medically inadvisable. Download the complete policy and instructions explaining how to apply for exemption.

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