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Traditional Health Worker Resources, Policies, and Laws

THW Statewide Needs Assessment Reports

CCO 2.0 Traditional Health Workers Guidance Documents

THW Rules

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Public Health Organizations

Traditional Health Workers are a part of the workforce at the following organizations:

Policy and Law

House Bill 3407 – Traditional Health Worker Commission

House Bill 3407, passed into law in July 2013 creates a Traditional Health Worker Commission. Three subcommittees of the Commission were established to embrace the voice of the entire community: Systems integration (SI), Scope of Practice (SOP), and Training Education Metrics & Program Scoring (TEMPS).

Traditional Health Worker Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 410-180-0300

Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 410-180-0300  is the set of administrative rules that establishes the criteria, description, and training requirements for Traditional Health Workers.

House Bill 3650

House Bill 3650 authorizes Coordinated Care Organizations to provide members with access to Traditional Health Workers.

State Plan Amendment

Supports the use of Community Health Workers, Peer Health Navigators and Peer Wellness Specialists. It adds Traditional Health Workers to Medicaid State Plan.

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