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Expedited Partner Therapy

About Expedited Partner Therapy

Oregon Pharmacists can legally fill expedited partner therapy prescriptions for treatment of partners exposed to sexually transmitted disease that do not include the name of the person for whom the medication is intended. In order to fill a prescription for expedited partner therapy that does not include the person's name, the prescription must include an indication that the prescription is for the purpose of "EPT," or equivalent.

A unique prescription must be written for each partner you intend to treat, and the prescription must be written for a medication recommended for EPT use as outlined in the Oregon Health Authority's "Expedited Partner Therapy for Sexually Transmitted Disease Protocol for Health Care Providers in Oregon".

Some pharmacists may not yet be aware of the practice of EPT. If you would like your pharmacist to fill an EPT prescription that doesn't include the name of the intended partner and he or she is not aware of the rule changes regarding EPT, suggest that the pharmacist review the materials on EPT available on the Oregon Board of Pharmacy web site at

Pharmacists can call the Board of Pharmacy office at 971-673-0001 with additional questions.

Partner Information

Limited printed quantities of these partner information brochures are available to healthcare providers by calling (971) 673-0149.



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