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WIC training supervisors

Resources for training supervisors

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The files on this page are downloadable in Adobe Reader (PDF) format unless otherwise noted.

Training supervisor resources

Training supervisor guides

Paper Modules Online Courses (iLearn)
  • Breastfeeding Level 2 - please email Bonne Ranno or Jameela Norton for more information about Breastfeeding Level 2 training guide.

Download Guide for All Online Courses - includes Anthropometric, Baby Behaviors, Basic Nutrition, Breastfeeding Level 1, Child Nutrition, Hematology, Participant Centered Services (PCS): Setting the Stage, Postpartum Nutrition, Prenatal Nutrition, and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Download individual guides:

Training certificates

The WIC Training Module completion certificate can be downloaded and completed by the WIC Training Coordinator each time a staff member successfully completes a WIC Training Module.

Training plans and resources by position

Position Resources
Breastfeeding Coordinator

Roles and responsibilities (Appendix A in Policy 710)

Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Coordinator Roles and responsibilities (Appendix A in Policy 716)
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Roles and responsibilities (Appendix B in Policy 716)
Clerical Competency model

Sample Training Plan (Appendix C in Policy 440)

Competencies (Appendix A in Policy 660)

Training checklist

Training Supervisor Roles and responsibilities (Appendix B in Policy 440)
WIC Coordinator

Training Plan


Training Checklist

WIC Nutritionist

Essential competency tables

Application for reimbursement for WIC nutritionist training time

Training supervisors forum

Kickoff meeting, May 4-5, 2015

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