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Command Policy Memorandums

State Policies

CPM_137_NS 20141010 Appearance Standard and Appropiate Business Attire
State and Joint Policies
CPM_107 20141001 Reasonable Accommodation
CPM_119 20151211 Facility Closures Due to Inclement Weather or Other Conditions
Joint Policies

CPM_101 20170615 TAG Open Door 
CPM_104 20140303 Discrimination Sexual Harrassment
CPM_105 20130102 Environmental Compliance and Stewardship
CPM_108 20141001 Public Service
CPM_112 20120215 StateJudge Advocate’s Duties&Resp Org&Assignt Legal Person
CPM_113 20160125 Affirmative Employment Program Affirmative Action Program
CPM_117 20141001 Support of Blood Donations
CPM_118  20161101 Full-Time Support Manning during the Holiday Season

CPM 119 Facility Closure Due to Inclement Weather 22 Nov 2017.pdfCPM 119 Facility Closure Due to Inclement Weather 22 Nov 2017.pdf
CPM_121_NS 20051021 Fraud Policy
CPM_122 20110808 Technician Time and Attendance Reporting
CPM_123 20070604 Autho to Assign Wk Schedules & Approve Telework Fed Empl
CPM 125 20151214 Full Time Support Personnel Status during State Emergencies
CPM_127 20130630 Maximum Tenure Policy for ORNG Full-Time Personnel
CPM_128_NS 20160505 Wear of Personal Protective Equipment
CPM_130 20141015 Wear of Uniform by ORNG Personnel
CPM_131 20050907 Limit on Change of Status Betwn Techn & AGR Career Prgrams
CPM_133 20141015 Interviews, Stmnts to Media, Release Autho Speaking Engagem
CPM_136 20130630 Use of Conference Rooms and Cafeteria at the OMD
CPM 137 Appearance Standard and Appropriate Business Attire.pdfCPM 137 Appearance Standard and Appropriate Business Attire.pdf

CPM_139 20160125 Diversity & Inclusion
CPM_140_ 20061228 Alcohol Policy
CPM_141 20141015 Membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart
CPM_143 20141231 Marijuana Use
CPM_145 20141015 Supervisor and Leadership Development Training
CPM_146 20061115 Addg Family Prgm Stmnt Commanders Eval Officer Perform Rpt
CPM_147 20130313 Emergency Management Training
CPM_148 20110804 Hiring, Compensation, and Identification of Contract Employees
CPM_149 20110325 Oregon Military Department No Headgear, No Salute Area
CPM_150 20141015 OMD Social Media Guides and Website Maint & Content Mngmnt
CPM_152 20160101 Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention
CPM_154 20160125 Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy
CPM_156 20131009 Oregon Military Department Out of Office reply Guidelines
CPM_157 20140429 Oregon National Guard Joint Physcial Fitness Policy
CPM_158 20141010 Oregon Military Department Tobacco Policy
CPM_159 20140803 Mass Transportation Benefit Program for ONG FT Personnel
CPM_160 20141112 Establishment of a Community Health Promo Council for ONG

CPM_161 20151215 The Adjutant General First Right of Refusal Policy

CPM_162_20170807 Carriage of Privately Owned Weapons OMD ONG Facilities

Army Policies
CPM_144 20060131 Complaints Against Military Personnel
CPM_207 20140916 Telephonic Communications within the Oregon National Guard
CPM_212 20110818 Physical Security of Unclassified Army Property
CPM_214 20141001 Distribution and Publications
CPM_215 20071211 Care and Condition of Facilities
CPM_216_NS 20051021 Sensitive Item Inventories
CPM_219 20120312 Ammunition Requests
CPM_220 20110504 Recruiting and Retention Battalion Duty Uniform Policy
CPM_221_NS 20070822 Random Urinalysis Testing
CPM_222_NS 20070109 Hearing Conservation Program
CPM_223 20110301 Use of Readiness Centers for Overnight Lodging
CPM_227 20120518 Unit Employer Support Representative Duty Appointment
CPM_228 20120314 Unit Employer Support Representative Duty Appointment
CPM_229 20120309 Tech/AGR Title-32 AGR MobilTitle-10 Rear Detachment Pos
CPM_230_NS 20070822 Illegal Substance Use and Biochemical Testing
CPM_231 20140101 Command Sergeants Major Advisory Council
CPM_234 20110818 Pre-Employ Background ORANG Soldiers Extendd Duty Op
CPM_235 20140402 OCIE Storage
CPM_238 20141001 Integrated Trained and Battle-Ready
CPM_240 20141001 Information Handling and Safeguarding of Personnaly Id Info
CPM_244 20140402 Accounting for OCIE
Air Force Policies
CPM_304 20141006 Agenda Items for Air Status Briefings
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