Biak Training Center was established in 1998.
The Department of Defense originally built the facility in the early 1980s as a night vision testing facility and bomb shelter and eventually turning over the facility to the Oregon Army National Guard. Biak Training Center received its name in recognition of the 41st Brigades actions on the island of Biak during World War II.

The Battle of Biak was part of the New Guinea campaign of World War II. It was fought between the United States and Japan from May 27, 1944 to 20 June 1944.
Biak, an island, dominates the entrance to Geelvink​ Bay, near the western end of New Guinea. On 27 May 1944 the 41st Infantry Division landed on Biak Island, the island was held by 10,000 Japanese troops, Initially the Japanese held their ground, in early June 1,000 Japanese reinforcements arrived; however, American sea and air attacks sank two destroyers, and shot down 50 planes. The Japanese now cut off from reinforcements, began to give ground, by June 20, 1944 the U.S. I Corps with the 41st Infantry Division and now joined by the 34th Infantry Regiment of the 24th Infantry Division had taken most of the island. The capture of Biak Island cost the Americans 474 killed, and 2,400 wounded, the Japanese lost 6,100 killed and 450 captured.​​