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Press Release
September 11, 2006
Photos of Sgt. Brad Lindsey
Joyce Lindsey would like to express her gratitude to the members of the media for their caring and compassion during this difficult time. All media requests need to come through the Public Affairs Office in order to allow this family time to take care of the personal issues involved with this loss and to grieve. Please direct all inquiries to Kay Fristad, 503-584-3917 work, 503-931-5179, cell.
Joyce has stated that she is grateful for the level of professionalism she saw today and requests your continuing support and graciousness. As information and details confirmed, we will provide anything that is pertinent or public to you for your use.
Below is the transcripts of the statement made today by Colonel Cameron Crawford.
Good morning. I'm Colonel Cam Crawford, commander of the 41st Brigade Combat Team. I appreciate you making time for this press conference.
We received word Saturday from Afghanistan that Sergeant Brad Lindsey was killed in action. Sergeant Lindsey was on patrol with his unit and elements of the Afghan National Army when they came under attack by Taliban militants.
Initial information we received indicates the Taliban set up a false checkpoint or roadblock. When the U.S. and Afghani patrol approached what they recognized as a suspicious situation, the Taliban began the attack either with improvised explosive devices or rocket propelled grenades. The initial attack was followed by small arms fire.
Sergeant Lindsey was in the turret of an up-armored Humvee when the patrol was attacked, and he was wearing his protective armor and equipment. We don't know at this point during which part of the battle he was killed, but the incident is under investigation.
Sergeant Lindsey was a seasoned veteran. He began his military service in the Navy, and he very proudly served on the USS Enterprise out of San Diego. He had been with us a number of years, and he first deployed as an Oregon Guardsman to Kuwait and Iraq on a fifteen month deployment starting in February of 2003. He began his tour in Afghanistan in February of this year.
Brad was assigned to the 205th Regional Corps Advisory Group, a unit responsible for working closely with elements of the Afghan National Army and training them to be a professional military corps. Brad was very eager to do all he could to help the people of Afghanistan and serve his country.
The 41st Brigade Combat Team deployed early this summer, and there are more than 900 of Oregon's citizen-soldiers serving in Afghanistan. This is the largest single deployment of Oregon soldiers outside the U.S. since World War 2. The brigade is leading Joint Combined Task Force Phoenix rotation five. Their mission is to assist the Afghan National Army in developing as a professional military organization, and they've made great strides in that regard.
I spoke with Brigadier General Doug Pritt, the commander of the Task Force, over the weekend. The unit is obviously shocked and deeply saddened by Sgt. Lindsey's death, but they continue to focus on the mission. They will hold a memorial service in Afghanistan on Wednesday.
Brad is survived by his wife, Joyce, three step-children, his daughter, parents and grandparents. The Lindsey family truly has been a National Guard family. His oldest stepson was also a member of the Oregon National Guard, and his wife Joyce was a prominent member of our family support community for many years.
We share their sadness and also feel a deep sense of loss with the death of Sgt. Lindsey
We have provided three photos available here for your use.
Oregon National Guard Public Affairs Office
Kay Fristad
cell 503-931-5179
Capt Mike Braibish
cell 503-932-5805