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Contract Services/Financial Services

The Contract Services and Financial Services Divisions of the Office of Public Defense Services strive to provide the most effective and efficient delivery of public defense within the state court system. These divisions effect this purpose through four primary functions:

  • assists the OPDS in establishing, revising, and monitoring compliance with statewide public defense policies and procedures for the payment of and qualifications of public defense providers and the operation of the indigence verification program;  
  • negotiates and monitors public defense services contracts for both attorney and non-attorney providers;
  • serves as a resource for the Public Defense Services Commission (PDSC), public defense providers, trial and appellate courts, other state and local agencies involved in the criminal and juvenile justice system, and the legislative assembly; and
  • performs research and provides consultation on public defense-related legal and budgetary issues.


Contact Information

Contract & Financial Services
1175 Court Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: (503) 378-2478

Paul Levy
General Counsel
(503) 378-2486

Stephanie Petersen
Chief Financial Officer
(503) 378-2481

Requests for preauthorization of non-routine expenses may be faxed to (503) 378-4463 or emailed to

Billings may be faxed to               (503) 378-4463 or emailed to