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Application & Forms

Online Application Information

The ATV Grant Program utilizes an online grant application process.


System Requirements

  • Web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Any other browsers could give you random or incomplete results.

  • JavaScript must be enabled.

  • Pop-ups must be allowed for this site. You may need to disable pop-up blocking in your browser or configure it so that the system is able to open pop-ups.

  • Cookies must be accepted by your browser.


Application Materials

  • ATV Grant Manual [ PDF ]

       Note: the process for entering your budget online changed in 2014. The format displays the 
same as the Detailed Budget Worksheet (Excel file).


  • Paragraph Spacing

We have been experiencing difficulties with paragraph returns on long answers with multiple paragraphs. You may be seeing spaces between paragraphs when you are typing, but when you get out of editing mode you will not see the spacing. We do not see your spacing either, making some long answers hard to read.  This mostly just applies to the Supplemental questions
We have discovered that you can use HTML coding  to create paragraphs.  Here is a super quick lesson...

  • HTML 101
    To make a single line return at the end of the line, write:    <br/>
    To create a space between paragraphs, at the end of the last line write:    <p/>
You can still use the "enter" button on your keyboard so you will see the paragraph spacing. But that won't show up on your final answer. People who write code use this to help see breaks in each line.

  • HTML 201
    Another trick to bold text.
    To turn bold on type: <b>
    To turn bold off type: </b>
    HINT. The "/" turns off the bold feature.


This is normal text - <b>and this is bold text</b>.
Looks like this:
This is normal text - and this is bold text.





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Billing/Reimbursement Forms

  • Advance Funding Request Form  [ Word ]
  • Donated Labor Timesheet [PDF]
  • Expenditures Form [DOC] [PDF]
  • Law Enforcement Quarterly Report [XLS]
  • Quarterly Progress Report: [PDF]

  • Mid-Term Report Form (for applicants with 2 year ATV grants): [Word]
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Regional Staff Contacts

If you have questions regarding ATV grant projects, please contact:

​​Eastern Oregon Grants
& Community Programs
​Western Oregon Grants
& Community Programs
​​Grant Program questions ​Safety Program questions
​Grant Billing questions
​Recreation Grants & Community Programs Division Manager
Ian Caldwell
10260 Crooked River Dr,
Terrebonne, Or 97760
Mike Law
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, Or 97301
Ron Price
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, Or 97301
Jeff Trejo
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, Or 97301
Pamela Berger
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, Or 97301
Steve Kay
725 Summer St. NE Suite C
Salem, Or 97301

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