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  • Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse
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    The mission of the Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse is to receive and distribute information on missing children and adults to local law enforcement agencies, school districts, state and federal agencies, and the public. In 1989, the Oregon legislature mandated that OSP establish and maintain a missing children clearinghouse.

    The goal of the Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse is to streamline the system, serving victims and their families by providing assistance to law enforcement agencies and the public.
Oregon Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse Missing Persons Information
Toll-free Missing Person Hotline:  1-800-282-7155
The Missing Children/Adult Clearinghouse can assist with
creating missing person posters and post them to this website. 
Fill out the:
Then email it with a digital photo to:
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Samples related to missing persons (ORS 146.187)
Oregon State Police Missing Persons Program  

The Oregon State Police provides law enforcement personnel and families of missing persons the tools to actively and successfully search for missing Oregonians.  Our Medical Examiner system and Missing Persons Clearinghouse is partnered with the Oregon State Police Forensic Services DNA Unit to supply leads from DNA analysis, performed at no cost to law enforcement agencies or families of missing persons.  DNA analysis and comparison to database profiles is confidential and restricted to identifying missing persons only.  DNA profiles of family members will be removed promptly and permanently if a match is found.
The OSP DNA Unit will upload all appropriate DNA profiles from the following types of samples related to missing person cases:
1)     Direct DNA samples (toothbrushes, razors, etc. known to be used by a missing person) submitted by law enforcement
2)     Oral swab standards from biological family members (“Family Reference Standards”) submitted by law enforcement
Submission of Evidence
Law enforcement is REQUIRED to complete the Missing Persons Program - Reference Sample Submissing Form & Form 49.  The form is fillable, a link to the form can be found below:
Law Enforcement is also strongly encouraged to enter their missing person into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).  Oregon State Police uses this website extensively to discover investigative leads and to find associations between missing persons and unidentified remains.  In fact, our Missing Persons Program Reference Sample Submission form asks for a NamUs “MP” number upon submission of any missing person evidence; it’s that important!
If you need help entering your case into NamUs, please call the Medical Examiner’s Office Human Identification Program (Nici Vance) for assistance at 971-673-8202.

NamUs Missing Persons Database

  • Oregon State Police requests that all law enforcement enter their missing person cases in NamUs.  This site provides an opportunity for families, law enforcement agencies and investigators to search nationwide for missing persons using a variety of powerful search features. Anyone may search the database, but by registering in the system both law enforcement professionals and the general public will also be able to:
    ·        Add new missing persons cases
    ·        Add physical and circumstantial details, photographs, dental contacts and other critical pieces of information to a case
    ·        Create and print missing persons posters
    ·        Track multiple cases as information is added to the system

Click to go to the NamUs website

Click to see Oregon's missing person cases in NamUs


ID Kits

The Clearinghouse is pleased to provide child identification kits free of charge to the public. The blank kit includes an area for a picture, finger prints, dental records, physical information, and a DNA sample. Parents fill out the kit and keep it in their home. During the first hours a child is missing, it is vital to have this information available so law enforcement is able to locate the child as soon as possible. Since 1999, the clearinghouse has been able to purchase over 225,000 ID kits that have been distributed throughout Oregon. If you would like to have a kit sent to you, please call 503-934-0188 or toll free outside Salem at 1-800-282-7155. You may also email your req​​uest to child.idkits@state.or.us The kits are free of charge! The kits may also be ordered in limited quantities for community and service groups, clubs, schools, etc.

To Request Child ID Kits​


Safety Tips

Missing Children's Day Poster Contest

The Missing Children's Day Poster Contest is an annual event held in conjunction with National Missing Children's Awarness Day observed each year on May 25th since proclaimed by President Reagan in 1983. The Missing Children's Day Poster Contest provides an opportunity for schools, law enforcement, and other community organizations to engage children and their parents in discussions about child safety.


Oregon's Winning Poster for 2018