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Ground Water Studies and Publications

OWRD Ground Water Reports

GW Report No. 1: North Willamette Basin, French Prairie-Mission Bottom Area
[PDF 42MB] 1961
GW Report No. 2: North Willamette Basin: Molalla-Salem Slope
[PDF 78MB] 1963
GW Report No. 3: North Willamette Basin: East Portland Area
[PDF 28MB] 1964
GW Report No. 4: Ground Water Levels 1963
[PDF 8MB] 1964
GW Report No. 5: Ground Water Levels 1964
[PDF 11MB] 1965
GW Report No. 6: Baker Basin: Baker Valley
[PDF 12MB] 1965
GW Report No. 7: Middle Willamette Basin: Eola-Amity Hills
[PDF 20MB] 1965
GW Report No. 8: Middle Willamette Basin: Champoeg Park Demonstration Well
[PDF 2MB] 1966
GW Report No. 9: Ground Water Levels 1965
[PDF 12MB] 1966
GW Report No. 10: Hood River Valley and Cascade Locks Area
[PDF 20MB] 1966
GW Report No. 11: Umatilla Basin: Ordnance Area
[PDF 6MB] 1966
GW Report No. 12: Ground Water Levels 1966
[PDF 13MB] 1967
GW Report No. 13: Middle Willamette Basin:  Lower Santiam River Basin Wells
[PDF 44MB] 1968
GW Report No. 14: Southern Willamette Basin: Eugene-Springfield Area Data
[PDF 23MB] 1970
GW Report No. 15: Ground Water Levels 1967-1968
[PDF 11MB] 1970
GW Report No. 16: Harney Basin: Harney Valley
[PDF 21MB] 1970
GW Report No. 17: Central Willamette Basin: Corvallis-Albany Area
[PDF 17MB] 1972
GW Report No. 18: Ground Water Levels 1968-1972
[PDF 14MB] 1973
GW Report No. 19: Monitoring Wells
[PDF 2MB] 1974
GW Report No. 20: Bibliography of Available Oregon GW Reports 1974
[PDF 2MB] 1974
GW Report No. 21:  Klamath Basin
[PDF 67MB] 1974
GW Report No. 22:  Central Willamette Basin:  Harrisburg-Halsey Area
[PDF 14MB] 1975
GW Report No. 23: Umatilla Basin: Ordnance Area Conditions and Declines
[PDF 20MB] 1975
GW Report No. 24: Umatilla Basin: Butter Creek Area Conditions and Declines
[PDF 15MB] 1975
GW Report No. 25: Middle Willamette Basin:  Lower Santiam River
[PDF 8MB] 1977
GW Report No. 26: Southwestern Curry County: Harbor Bench
[PDF 12MB] 1977
GW Report No. 27: North Willamette Basin: Newberg Area
[PDF 9MB] 1978
GW Report No. 28: Middle Willamette Basin: Dallas-Monmouth Area
[PDF 18MB] 1983
GW Report No. 29: North Willamette Basin: Northern Clackamas County
[PDF 29MB] 1983
GW Report No. 30: Umatilla Basin: Butter Creek Update of Conditions and Declines
[PDF 9MB] 1984
GW Report No. 31: Goose and Summer Lakes Basin: Fort Rock Basin
[PDF 37MB] 1986
GW Report No. 32: Deschutes Basin: Powell Buttes Area
[PDF 9MB] 1987
GW Report No. 33: Hood Basin: Mosier Basalt Aquifers
[PDF 35MB] 1988
GW Report No. 34: Malheur Basin: Ontario Area
[PDF 8MB] 1990
GW Report No. 35: Umatilla Basin: Stage Gulch Area
[PDF 38MB] 1990
GW Report No. 40: Northern Willamette Basin: Parrett Mountain
[PDF 24MB] 1994
GW Report No. 41: Klamath Basin: Eastern Lost River Sub-basin
[PDF 92MB] 2004

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OWRD Open File Reports

Open-File Report 88-01: Malheur Basin: Cow Valley Critical Ground Water Area

[PDF 2MB] 1988
Open-File Report 88-02:  Deschutes Basin:  Hay Creek Area near Madras [PDF 3MB] 1988
Open-File Report 88-03:  Umatilla Basin: Ella Butte Area [PDF 32MB] 1988
Open-File Report 88-04: Malheur Basin: Vale Geothermal Aquifer 1988
Open-File Report 89-01: Umatilla Basin: Glenn Chowning Aquifer Test 1989
Open-File Report 90-01: Malheur Basin: Ontario Area Aquifer Tests 1990
Open-File Report 91-01: Umatilla Basin: Stage Gulch Area Ground Water Management Strategies 1991
Open-File Report 94-01:  Klamath Basin: Yonna, Poe and Langell Valleys 1994
Open-File Report: Goose and Summer Lakes Basin: Appraisal of Fort Rock Groundwater Conditions [PDF 20MB] 1984
Open-File Report:  Umatilla Basin: Evaluation of Artificial Recharge 1985       
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Other OWRD Reports

John Day Basin: Ground Water Assessment [PDF 7MB] 1984
Middle Coast Basin:  Lincoln County Ground Water Resources [PDF 15MB] 1965
Rogue Basin: Ground Water Resources [PDF 29MB] 1959
State-wide assessment for ASR suitability [PDF 38MB] 2008
Umatilla Basin: Aquifer Test at Stage Gulch Ranch [PDF 4MB] 1979
Umatilla Basin: Integration of Current Hydrologic Knowledge [PDF 88MB] 1981
Umatilla Basin: Ground Water Supplies in the Umatilla Basin [PDF 2MB] 2003
Willamette Basin: Ground Water Supplies in the Willamette Basin [PDF 3MB] 2001

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OWRD Miscellaneous Docs

Land Survey Mapping Assistant [PDF 44KB]
Pump Test Requirements for Groundwater Right Holders [PDF 98KB]  1995
Section ID Cheat Sheet [PDF 39KB]
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USGS-OWRD Cooperative Studies

Deschutes Basin Ground Water Study (Links to USGS Web Page)

Upper Klamath Basin Ground Water Study (Links to USGS Web Page)

Willamette Basin Ground Water Study (Links to USGS Web Page)

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