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Industrial and Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Water Reuse

Per ORS 537.141 and 537.545, groundwater operation (CAFO) is first legally used under a water use permit or water right certificate for either industrial purposes or confined animal feeding  purposes may be reused for irrigation without an additional water use permit.  The industrial or CAFO wastewater may be reused only if the facility is authorized by an Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) water quality permit to operate an industrial disposal system or an Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) permit to operate a CAFO.  Additionally, the wastewater may only be reused for irrigation during a period when it has never been discharged into a stream.

To qualify for the exemption from obtaining a formal water use permit from the Oregon Water Resources Department (WRD), WRD must receive a copy of the DEQ/ODA water quality permit and a complete OWRD registration form for CAFO or industrial reuse.

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