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Voluntary Cancellation:

Whenever the owner of a permit wishes to cancel a permit due to inability to develop the permit or the permit is no longer usable for any reason, the owner may cancel the permit by submitting a form to authorize the cancellation of a permit.

Cancellation by Oregon Water Resources Department:

A permit may be cancelled by the Department when it appears from an onsite examination that no appropriation of water has been made under the terms of the permit, or that water use once made has undergone a period of five successive years of nonuse. A certified letter of intent to cancel the permit shall be sent to the permittee, allowing 60 days from the date of the letter for response. Failure to respond during the 60-day period shall result in cancellation of the permit.

For permits issued to other than a municipality, whenever the time within which any appropriation of water under a permit should have been perfected has expired, and the owner of the permit fails or refuses within three (3) months thereafter to submit to the Department proof of completion of the appropriation as required by ORS 537.230 and 537.250, the Department may, after 60 days’ notice by registered mail or by certified mail with return receipt, order the cancellation of the permit. The cancellation shall have the same force and effect as cancellation of a permit in the proceedings provided for in ORS 537.410 to 537.450.

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